Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin casinos have exploded in recent years. Many players prefer to use these casinos as they are built on Bitcoin. They provide a secure method for depositing Bitcoin into a casino account, while also providing a faster and more convenient method for claiming any winnings.

What types of Bitcoin bonuses should you expect to find at these casinos?

The first thing you should be aware of is that you might encounter several different bonus types at any Bitcoin online casino. Some will offer them all, whereas others might only offer one or two.

Think about which kinds of bonus you would most like to claim. Find a casino that makes those offers and check you are permitted to join in your jurisdiction. Once you've done that, you can get ready to enjoy some great bonus opportunities.

Claim your welcome bonus when you sign up to a new Bitcoin casino

A welcome bonus is also referred to as a signup bonus. This is given to new members upon joining a casino.

You might also spot a no deposit bonus, which means you only need to open an account to receive it. This will be given in mBTC and will vary from one site to another. It will also have conditions attached to it, so be sure you know how they work prior to signing up.

As for the welcome bonus, this will be offered as a percentage of the amount you deposit. There is likely to be a minimum deposit amount required to claim it, although it is typically very low and easily achievable.

Most sites will offer at least 100% on top of your deposit as bonus Bitcoin cash. Some will offer 200% or more. Be sure you check the wagering requirements on the deposit and the bonus first, so you know what you need to do to cash out.

Watch out for loyalty bonuses - offered to existing members only

The more loyal you are to an online casino, the greater the rewards can be. Some cryptocurrency casinos will offer their most loyal players other percentages when they deposit.

You may need to be a member of their VIP club to claim these. For instance, some casinos have VIP clubs with different levels to attain. The higher you go, the better the rewards will be. A good example would be a higher bonus percentage on each deposit you make.

Other virtual currency casinos give you the chance to attain a higher status in other ways. Perhaps you play frequently every week. Maybe you regularly make deposits. There are several ways you might become a loyal member of a casino. The longevity of your membership can also be a factor.

The point is you are more likely to receive loyalty bonuses if you are a dedicated member of one of these casinos. It is a bonus you will need to be patient to receive.

What are reload bonuses?

You've probably encountered this 'reload' term before. The idea is that you will qualify for reload bonuses when you already have an account with a Bitcoin casino. Look in the promotions area to find out whether any reload bonuses are available.

These are given to existing players rather than those who are just signing up to the site. Let's say you have joined an online casino and you have exhausted all the welcome bonus options available there. The next step would be to claim a reload bonus.

This bonus will give you a smaller percentage than would typically be given for a signup bonus. You might get 50% on top of your deposit when you put more Bitcoins in your account, for instance.

Reloads are usually available whenever you need them. Some will require you to use a coupon code, but that isn't always the case. If voucher codes are required, they are usually on the promotions page itself.

Could you qualify for high roller Bitcoin bonuses?

What is a high roller bonus? This type of Bitcoin bonus is reserved for players who do one or more of these three things:

  • Make regular deposits
  • Make large deposits
  • Play with large amounts

If this fits the way you play, you should watch out for high roller promotions at your favorite Bitcoin casino. The idea is you can get a bonus on top of larger deposit amounts. You can usually expect at least 10% by way of a bonus, but it can reach 100% or more in some cases.

Check the rules at your preferred casino and see if you can qualify to receive a Bitcoin deposit bonus via this method.

Fiat casinos may also offer a bonus when depositing with Bitcoin

While we have seen many Bitcoin casinos springing up online, we should not forget the traditional online casinos that also offer this virtual currency as an option. In this case, the cryptocurrency is introduced to the existing collection of card and e-wallet options as an additional choice.

These fiat casinos, as they could be called, may also have bonuses available for players who wish to deposit via Bitcoin. In this case, you might see a first deposit bonus for Bitcoin depositors. For example, the regular deposit bonus might be worth 100%. However, if you choose Bitcoin as your preferred way to put your first deposit amount into your new account, they might give you an extra 25% bonus on top of that.

It is always worth looking out for special cryptocurrency bonuses whenever you deposit at one of these casinos. They could make a difference to the amount you get.