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Welcome! This is the home of Rival Casinos where we will provide you with as much up-to-date information about Rival Casinos who are accepting US players, and we will provide full reviews as well.

Rival Gaming casinos provide players from around the world, including the US, with a fantastic selection of quality Rival slots and games, big bonuses and so much more, making them extremely popular places to play. With one Rival casino account, in any of the great casinos you'll find showcased right here, you're provided with access to the action on your home PC and your mobile device, and regardless of which great Rival casino platform you play on, your experience will be an unbeatable one.

Accepting USA Players

Many of the very best Rival Casinos welcome players from the US and they do so with huge welcome bonuses, heaps of fantastic player rewards and so many outstanding Rival slots and casino games. Below you'll find the details of the best Rival casinos for US players and each one of them provides not only great slots action to your home PC but is also able to be enjoyed on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet too, a way to play that many US slots players enjoy. Your Rival welcome bonus gets you started in the right way and you'll find that heaps of great reload bonuses, loyalty rewards and so much more are always being made available, and that free Rival casino bonus cash allows you to enjoy the flash and Rival mobile action so much more. Packed full of feature rich slots, US Rival casinos serve up the action for all types of players, and getting going is as simple as taking your pick from the fine selection right here.

Rival Casinos for International Players

Different Rival Casinos allow different sets of players and there are many that welcome players from around the globe however not from the US and this is down to the particular license the casino holds. Non US Rival flash and mobile casinos provide terrific slots and games action to your home PC or mobile device and players from as far afield as the UK, Europe, Asia and Latin America are all able to get their fill of the fun, and on top of the masses of quality Rival slots and casino table games, each one of them provides a stellar welcome bonus and bags of reloads and player rewards. Here you'll find a selection of great Rival Casinos for players outside of the US and joining in with the fun and games begins just as soon as you choose where to play.

Are Online Gambling Sites Safe to Use?

There are countless online gambling sites available today. You could easily search for some and find dozens of options within seconds. Question is, how do you know whether any of them are safe to use? You do not want to sign up to one that looks great and appears very polished, only to find withdrawals never seem to happen and they disappear overnight with your winnings.

If you find a site you like the look of, it is vital to do some research before you sign up. Find out where the site is headquartered and whether it is registered in the normal manner. If you are at all unsure about the background of the site owners or any other aspect of the site, steer well clear. There are plenty of reputable and reliable gambling sites out there that are a pleasure to use and that you will not have any trouble with. Stick to those and avoid anything else.

It may well be tempting to sign up to a site that looks sensational and has a good bonus to treat its new members to. However, that is a great hook to get you to sign up. Check out some reviews of the site first - preferably ones written by reliable review sites - and read the opinions of other players who have already tried the site. By doing this, you can hope to gain a fuller picture of whether you have found a reputable site to use and enjoy.

Best Rival Slots

The excellent selection of Rival slots that you'll see in each casino is simply superb with so many awesome styles of themes, and you'll see Rival iSlots, 5 reel video slot, progressives and many great 3 reel classics, however should you prefer table games then you'll find all you could ask for. With so many cool blackjack variations, roulette, poker games, video poker and more you'll find a virtual Vegas casino at your fingertips, and it's all added to massively by the fantastic Rival casino bonuses and casino freebies. You'll be provided with a huge welcome bonus and so many reload bonuses, freespins deals and cool casino promotions in each of the casinos below, and your casino fun starts just as soon as you take your pick and start playing.

Mobile lobby opportunities

Visiting Rival casinos isn't merely something you can do on your desktop or laptop. You can pick up a tablet or smartphone and look on those devices as well. This is arguably easier and faster, as you don't need to worry about firing up your computer or being restricted to your desk.

The mobile casino lobby is also packed with mobile-friendly games to try. The modern Rival game selection is always designed to work on mobile platforms too, so it is another winning service from Rival.

Do you need any casino apps?

Not always, no. It depends on the individual casino. Some have free apps while others don't. Those that do could still be visited via your chosen browser, so it wouldn't be an issue even if you didn't want to have another app on your device.

Download vs instant play: Which method is best?

It may be better to ask which method is best for you, since some of us would naturally gravitate towards one or the other. Some Rival casinos offer both options, while others operate using download or instant play. The latter often involves Flash software but occasionally uses other methods and modern software alternatives to avoid any downloads.

How to sign up for your selected casino

You should see an invitation to join on the home page. You shouldn't even need to scroll to see this. Hit the button and follow the instructions. It won't be difficult to sign up if you make sure you complete all the required steps. Make sure you claim any welcome bonus that is on offer (go for the no deposit bonus first if there is one).

Play on Android devices and sample some Rival slots today

Rival slots still manage to be big and bold even on Android tablets and smartphones. Their modern slots are second to none, offering storylines, bonuses, features, and plenty more besides - all on that small screen.

Play on your iPhone at your selected Rival casino

You won't miss out on an iPhone either. In fact, it could be your favorite way to play. With lots of entertaining games to check out, that small screen might sooner feel a whole lot bigger!

Casino tournaments from Rival

Not every casino decides to dive into the tournament arena, but those that do have an entertaining selection of opportunities to consider. This is your chance to play your favorite games and to compete with other players taking part in the tournament with you. Someone is going to win a tournament prize, so could it be you?

Look out for daily tournaments lasting just 24 hours, along with week-long and month-long tournaments and special events.

Bonuses and promotions at Rival casinos

Signup bonuses are the first ones you are likely to spot. Look out for no deposit bonuses as these give you some insight into playing games at the casino without depositing to start with.

There might also be free spins available, either as part of a welcome deal or on their own. If the latter is the case, they can be offered to promote a new slot release or to promote selected games from a specific developer. In some cases, you can choose to play the free games on any slot of your choice (except perhaps for progressive jackpot slots).

Free chips also crop up pleasantly often. These are valued at a certain amount, so if you play in US dollars, that is the currency your chip will be valued in. Whether it is for five dollars or fifty, you've got a chance to use your chip to try some games you haven't checked out before.

Look out for all the bonus codes you can, both before joining a Rival Gaming casino and once you have become a member. In doing so, you're going to open the way to discovering plenty more perks to becoming a member. If you miss out on these codes, you are missing out on some special offers.

Are there other rewards involved at Rival casinos?

There can be, yes. The most obvious example is a rewards program. Sometimes called a loyalty program, this describes a perk that many players enjoy. You are going to make real bets on your favorite games anyway. If you are part of a reward program, you are going to earn points on those bets. You don't need to keep track of them or do anything about them - just keep an eye on the rising points balance. After a while, when you hit a certain level, you should be able to convert some of those points into cash to deposit in your account.

How big can payouts be at Rival casinos?

Every game you play at one of these casinos will have a series of prizes associated with it. These range from small ones, perhaps worth just a few cents a time, to huge ones. If you play a progressive slot, there is a chance the major prize could go into six or seven figures. Yep, that is a chance to score a prize worth a million dollars or more.

Of course, the higher the prize, the harder it would be to win. There are very few progressive jackpot winners at Rival casinos compared with the total number of players using these casinos. That said, we all like to have the opportunity to give these games a try, don't we?

What does it mean to play for fun?

Just that - you are playing for entertainment value. Of course, you are playing for knowledge as well. That is something that makes any game easier to understand. Whenever we encounter a new slot game, for example (from Rival or elsewhere), we make sure we try the demo first. This tells us all we need to know about the game, so we can decide if we should spend some of our gaming funds on trying the real version.

Would you make the leap to play for real money at Rival casinos?

Visiting a few Rival casinos, looking around, exploring the game collection, and trying some demos - that is the formula to finding out whether real play is for you. Not everyone wants to play these games with cents and dollars in action. Many like the demo versions and don't progress beyond those. However, if you do like the idea of placing a bet or two - even just occasionally - there are lots of varied slots around that have equally varied betting ranges as well.

Did you know Rival has Bitcoin casinos on offer as well?

Bitcoin has been a huge success in many ways. Online casinos have jumped on it as a popular payment method to add to their collection. Some casinos have been built around Bitcoin and provide no other payment methods - such is its popularity.

You'll see Rival casinos with Bitcoin and nothing else, but it is more common to find sites that accept other payment methods too. Credit cards, debit cards, and online wallets are all possibilities.

Watch out for the newest Rival casinos around today

We've always got news of the freshest Rival casino to hit the internet. If you want to play on mobile or on your desktop, stay tuned for the next new site to appear. We'll have all the details for you, including any introductory bonuses.

Live dealer casinos are available too

Not always, but you can certainly look out for the chance to try some live games if you have a thing for table games. Imagine interacting with a real dealer as you play blackjack or roulette, not to mention other table games such as baccarat. What might you find if you head to one of these Rival casinos?

Casino blogs and forums offer new insight into Rival casino experiences

It is always refreshing to learn more about Rival casinos. One way of doing this is to visit blogs and forums that are based around casino activities and experiences. Not only do you get to read about what other players think, you can also chat with them to learn more. That is the ideal way to go if you want to discover the facts about Rival casinos online today.

All Rival Casinos

Below you'll find the complete Rival Casinos list, a selection that includes each and every Rival Gaming powered place to play, and as you can see...it's a biggie. There are many Rival Casinos available due to the fact that many online casino operators love the software that they provide and the great slots and games that players can enjoy, and the casino management platform is second to none. Rival have, over the years, made a name for themselves in delivering a terrific casino experience to players from all over the world and the size of the list below shows you just how popular great Rival flash and mobile casinos are!