Exploring Twenty Payline Slots

When you start playing online slot machines on a regular basis you will soon see that they vary in the amount of paylines they have available to win on. Each payline follows a set pattern in that particular game, so the more there are, the more interest there is.

Let’s see what else you can expect when you play twenty payline slots.

What is the advantage of playing slots games like this?

The main advantage of playing twenty payline slots machines is that they offer you twenty chances of winning with each and every spin. Of course this relies on you wagering money on each line. If you only bet on one you only have a chance of winning on that one line – even if one of the other lines ends up with a jackpot line up.

How can you find out what combinations are in play for each line?

Each line will have a different pattern to follow. For example the first line traditionally goes right through the centre of the reels from left to right. One of the other lines might start from the bottom on the left, before rising up to the top in the middle and then going through the symbols as it reaches the bottom right.

This means you have lots of different winning combinations that could potentially come up when you are playing twenty payline slots games. If you want to find out where the lines are, click on the help symbol or information symbol for that game. This will take you to a screen which illustrates where all the lines fall.

Can you win with more than one line with a single spin?

Yes indeed you can – in fact in theory you could probably win on each and every line with a single spin, although it probably wouldn’t actually ever happen that way.

But it is certainly not uncommon to win on three or four lines when you spin the reels once. As you can see, the secret to winning big money on multiple payline slots games is to bet on all the lines if you possibly can. You can always reduce the amount you bet on each one to do so.

What Is A Slot Payline?

A slot payline is that which an online player can receive payouts if they get winning combinations. For example, if you are playing a 3-reel, 1-payline classic slot you would need to get the same three symbols on the center payline to win. However, paylines can range from 1 to all ways pay (more than 3000). Although the one payline slot is usually a classic slot, you will also find more than one payline for other types of classic slots. Paylines vary from slot to slot; from 20 payline slots to 50 or more payline slots.

What Are Multi-Line Slots?

You will also find multi-line slots in classic slot games as well as 5-reel, 6-reel, 7-reel, and all ways payline slots. Again, the multi-line slots are more prevalent for 5-reel slots with 20 paylines or more.

How to Choose Paylines?

Choosing paylines depends upon the type of slot game you wish to play. If classic slots are your thing, you can choose from one to three or five paylines. If more than 20 paylines gives you pleasure, then you can go for the 5-reel slots or progressive slots. This is all subjective for the player. It might be the theme of the slot that interests you or the multi-progressive slots that are becoming a trend. Or, it may be the software that you enjoy more than anything.

Choosing Coins and Bet Level

When you are playing a new slot game, for example, you will have to choose the number of coins and the size of your bet. Each slot game has the up and down arrows for coin bets which will give you the bet level at the same time. There are also slot games that when raising the coin level, you can check the pay table and see that the winning prize changes depending upon the bet level. The best way to determine how much you are willing to spend is to first check the low to high coin levels, and this will in turn give you the bet level for that particular coin bet. If you decide to bet the max, then the bet level is already given which is also called the max bet that you can click on for any slot game.

Payline Winning Chances

The payline winning chances are often better online than at land-based casinos. This is due to the Return to Player Percentage which is higher than a land-based casino. The RTP can go as high as 98% or more. Thus, your payline winning chances are greater BUT only if you bet the max. Here’s an example. Let’s say you are playing a progressive slot which has a random jackpot. The only way you can win that jackpot is to bet ALL paylines as well as betting the max number of coins for that slot game. If you do not, and you get the five symbols that would win you the jackpot, you would be awfully disappointed that you didn’t bet the max. On the other hand, many of the progressive jackpots require high end betting, that is, $250 to $500 per spin or more. For the budget conscious player, this would be way beyond their means. I would recommend you start with what you can afford and work your way up if you can. Winning at slots is not only based on luck and the RTP for that game, but betting wisely as well. The bottom line is to ALWAYS bet ALL paylines regardless of your coin bet.

Are you up for a game?

So you know how twenty payline slots work and how you can hope to win with them. Which one will you go and try out first?