Moonshiner's Moolah Slot

Hillbillies are a unique brand of people in the Appalachians of USA, living in the backwoods they enjoy a life free from modern technology. Grampa and Gramdma both characters who have lived many years and gained some pretty homegrown wisdom, you can picture both Grandma and Grandpa in their rocking chairs, she knitting and he strumming on his banjo singing songs handed down from generation to generation. The scene is set on five reels with twenty paylines to play on.

How do you know they hillbillies

The scene is typical of the backwoods with a log cabin, a tractor to plow the fields when grandpa feels the need, a trusty old bloodhound, the chicken with a surprised look in it face, the old truck that has done many years’ service, the shotgun to shoot a wild one for a meal or to keep those pesky treasury people off his land, the moonshine jugs and the spittoon, the sound effects are pretty realistic and that alone increases the imagination, such as when a spittoon hits a winning combination you can hear the sound of a person spitting into the spittoon, other symbols also have sound effects.

She is the wild one

Their very attractive blond haired daughter acts as the wild that expands across the reels. What her explode into full size down reel one of the screen a she substitutes with others to complete winning combinations. You can get more than one winning combination. This delectable young lady only appears on the 1st reel.

The introduction video shows these characters each in their own turn and when grandpa shows up he takes a swig of his homemade moonshine and the resultant explosion from his ears tells its own story, and grandma in her rocking chair.

Hillbilly style bonus rounds

  • When three grandpa’s appear anyplace on the reels during a spin this will trigger the Bottle Bonus round, you will be taken to a new screen and presented with a dozen brown moonshine jugs, you have to choose three of them, the corks will pop open revealing your winnings which are added up after the third jug is chosen then added to your account.
  • The second bonus game is The Chicken Shoot Bonus Round; you have get three or more chickens to trigger this game. A new screen shows a chicken shoot and a shotgun with six shells. Watch carefully for chicken to show themselves and then aim carefully to him the chickens, the scores of all the chickens killed are added up and awarded to your account.

Loads of fun, lots of moolah to be won what more can a player ask for.