Scatters vs Wilds – Which One is Best?

Scatters and wilds are the two most often-seen icons in slot games. Not all games have them, and some have one and not the other. We thought we would look at each one more closely, and figure out whether one is better than the other. Will you agree with our assessment?


A scatter symbol is named as such because it can win prizes even when it is scattered over the reels. Usually two or more is all you need to secure a prize, although some slots demand three at least.

The scatter is often the bonus trigger too. It might unlock free spins, for example, or perhaps another bonus round. In some games, the more scatters you get, the more free spins you will win. The multiplier can also be increased in some cases.


A wild is a replacement for other symbols. Oftentimes, it won’t replace the scatter, but everything else is fair game. If it appears on a line together with two or more matching symbols in a row, you should win a prize.

The wild can also have a multiplier value attached to it. This is usually either x2 or x3. It depends on the game you are playing, so do check the rules.

Our verdict: Which is best?

Okay, we are going to sit on the fence here and say there is no firm answer. We think it depends on the game. For example, some slots use wilds as substitutes, but they do not attach multipliers to them. Other slots have larger wild multipliers if you get two in a winning line instead of just one.

Meanwhile, a scatter icon will reveal a scatter prize if you get three (sometimes two) or more. Some scatters will trigger free spins or other bonuses, but in some instances, the wild will take on this role instead. The best slots have a wild that has special features as well as the scatter.

Our advice would be to read the rules and to see what powers each special symbol has. Only then can you work out whether the game you have found is a good one to play, and which symbol is going to be the best in that game. Will it be the wild or the scatter? You never know… and you never know whether one will be the trigger for a big prize.