New Online Casino

There is nothing as exciting as landing on a new casino website for the first time, is there? You’re new, you don’t know what to expect, and you’re not sure whether you will end up joining or not. With that in mind, it makes sense to check out some key areas of each casino. In doing so, you’ll know whether it will be a good one to join.


We all love a good promotion or two, and most casinos do offer them. You’ll usually find an area of the casino dedicated to these, divided into separate offers for different promotions. Look out for the welcome deal first, since this is the first one you will want to claim. Do they have a no deposit deal, or do you get the first bonus when you make a cash deposit?

Watch out for other promotions included in that section too. The best casinos have seasonal ones, weekly ones, even birthday specials if you’re lucky!


This is one of the most important areas to look at. All the games you will get a chance to play will be here. Some casinos keep the entire collection secret until you sign up, although you can do this for free, just so you can look around if you like. The best casinos – in our experience – are those that reveal their entire collection of games before you decide whether to join. That means you can check out what is available right off the bat.


A good tournament means you can enjoy playing a game you’d play anyway – but you also get the chance to win other prizes. Most tournaments either offer the entire pot to the winner, or they split it in favor of the top three or more players. Some tournaments have guaranteed prizes, while others simply divide the total buyins between the winning players. There are often free-to-enter tournaments as well as ones you pay a few dollars to enter.

There are other important areas to be aware of too, of course – think about banking facilities and support services, for example. Many casinos also provide a blog or other useful pages to read. And don’t forget information on the latest big winners either.

In every case though, it is vital to look at the above areas so you know whether you’ve found a casino you would want to join.