Chicken Little Slots

Do you remember reading about Chicken Little, and his belief that the sky was falling in when an acorn dropped on his head? This is a famous story that is decades old. The only surprise here is that it has taken until now to develop a slot game based on the classic tale. Will you like what you find here?

How many reels and win lines are there?

With only three reels to contend with, it’s not a surprise to discover only one payline.

Wagering options

You can start betting from one cent on the line or go far higher to hit $10 on the line. It’s up to you to decide whether to play one, two, or three coins of your chosen value on each spin.

Chicken Little symbols to watch out for

Chicken Little is the most important symbol in this game. You’d expect that, since he is the main character in the story. He is a wild chicken, which means he can replace anything else on the reels. If he appears alongside two other symbols which match, you will score the prize for three of those symbols.

But it is worth looking for Chicken Little to occupy every spot on the payline if you can. If he appears in this manner, the jackpot is yours. This is worth 1,000 coins if you played one coin on the line, while 2,000 coins are granted for two coins on the line. If you wagered three coins, you’ll get the best deal of all, with 4,000 coins coming your way.

Are you searching for some bonus features?

We know there is a wild in this game, but that is the only special symbol you can expect to see. There aren’t any other symbols you can trigger any bonuses with, for example.

Be sure to download and play the superb Chicken Little slot game now!

Chicken Little turns out to be a fun slot to play, regardless of whether you recognize the story or not. Fans of the tale who remember it from childhood will love this slot, and Chicken Little is very useful in trying to snag more prizes as you play.

The sky won’t fall in if you don’t win the jackpot, and we know the odds are long on doing that. But with lots of other potential wins available, it’s a sure bet you’ll have fun playing this game.