Costume Party Slots

The name of the game is Costume Party. It is about a Halloween costume party. Most people like Halloween parties because they allow you the chance to wear a fun costume, pound back some drinks, and party with friends. Costumes are not necessarily limited to Halloween. Costume parties are also popular during the carnival season, such as at Mardi Gras. Attendees occasionally dress in costume for popular science fiction and fantasy events, movie openings and book releases. The web site held a The Lord of the Rings dress Oscar party that was attended by Peter Jackson. Star Wars parties were held to celebrate the opening of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Many bookstores have held Harry Potter themed parties to celebrate the releases of the series' later novels, and some movie theaters have had Potter-themed celebrations as the movie adaptations have been released. Larger scale 'parties' are often related to organized societies or conventions

This game has three lines. It doesn't really look like a traditional slot machine. You are essentially trying to get different parts of a costume to match up to form a person wearing that costume. The reels spin sideways instead of up and down like in a brick and mortar resort's slot machine. Matching up the head, body, and legs of a character gets coins. Other costumed characters can be unlocked. Those characters have even greater lucrative potential for you as an online casino gambler. This game has wagering flexibility. Players can play for a few coins on each spin. Or they can try to potentially win big by trying maximum bets for each spin. The choice is yours.

Innovative Features

This is a fun game that will appeal to both new and veteran online casino gamblers. It has an enjoyable theme. The soundtrack is cool. It is interesting how the reels spin horizontally instead of up and down. The characters with their costumes are creative and colorful. It is interesting how there is the incentive to keep playing the game to unlock bigger costumed characters like the Frankenstein monster character for example or the witch character. Not a lot of online slots have that feature in terms of unlocking something so this one certainly stands out for being original in that regard. Online gamblers should go to their online casino of choice. Make a financial deposit using the method that best works for you. Play the online slot machine Costume Party. You are bound to have an enjoyable gambling experience as you party on.