Dollars to Donuts Slots

Dollars to Donuts slots is a fantastic fast action 3 reel classic slot that provides fans of no nonsense and no frills slots fun all that they could ask for. This is the type of great slot that in many ways Rival Gaming made its name with and as well as serving up that old school Vegas slots vibe it’s also colorful, easy to play and delivers that crisp classic slots style, however instead of traditional symbols on the 3 reels it replaces them with tasty looking donuts.

Able to be enjoyed as a Rival Gaming flash slot or on your iOS or Android device as Dollars to Donuts mobile slots, this tap and spin slot allows you to play at 3 different coin levels, provides a very nice jackpot and throws in a few extras on top. The Dollars to Donuts wild symbol makes a huge difference as to the amount of winning spins you'll receive and the sugary sweet slots theme is one that’ll make plenty of players mouth water!

Classic Slots Fun at its Sugary Best

There’s something about a 3 reel vintage slot that appeals to so many players and it’s great to see that Rival Gaming have moved away from the traditional symbols with Dollars to Donuts slots. It’s so easy to just throw a few bells, bars and cherries on the reels however this 3 reel treat is packed with multi color donuts that look good enough to eat, making a refreshing change from the norm.

As those donuts spin you'll want to be watching out for the all important Dollars to Donuts game logo as that acts as the wild symbol and will replace all others to provide the wild wins. You may choose to play either 1, 2 or 3 coins and of course, the highest cash prizes lie in wait at the 3 coin level, with the biggest of them being the 5,000 coin jackpot, making Dollars to Donuts appealing for more than just the one reason.

Easy Fast Spinning Fun

The superb Dollars to Donuts user interface allows for such easy bet creation and spinning of the reels, and you'll have no issues playing this simple slot, whether you're on your home PC or your mobile device. The great design with a difference, the wild wins and the great jackpot are what’s in store and it’s in store at the very best Rival Gaming casinos, right now.