Fantastic Fruit Slots

Look no further if your gambling entertainment taste buds crave a fruity and fresh online slot machine title, because it is the simple and enjoyable game Fantastic Fruit Slots that you need to play to give those taste buds what they need. It is time to play this game and fill a bowl with the most tasteful and profitable fruit combinations that can give your day a powerful cash boost.

It really is all about fruits in this slot title, because you will not only see them displayed on the game's background picture, but also on its reels. Some of the displayed items are plums, apples and tasty red cherries. Absorb fruits when you spin the reels, and keep an eye on the paytable that is placed on top of the game screen, because it will tell you exactly the amount of cash vitamins that every fruit combination is able to provide. That should be a good incentive to search for this slot on a Rival Gaming powered casino platform when you want to have a bankroll healthy fruit kick.

Enjoy No Fuss Spinning Sessions

Playing this slot machine is as simple as it gets. This is a game of the classic variety, which means that it has only three reels, one payline and no special features. That might not sound attractive if you love to play cutting-edge five reel games with a lot of features and 3D animations, but it can be quit calming and satisfying if you're looking to have a break from such games and just want to keep it simple, or if you are a beginning player and find the more modern looking games a bit overwhelming or confusing.

This classic little slot will be a perfect pick for when you are looking to play a simple and calm game that does not require you to think much or perform a lot of actions. The slot does not only offer a very easy to use game screen, but it also has a background soundtrack that plays relaxing nature sounds and mixes it with a soft and almost hypnotic drum tune. Those calm sounds will put your mind at ease and make it all the more relaxing to spin the reels of this game.

And there is really not much that you need to know to place your wager and get those reels into spinning mode. There is a limited amount of buttons that you can use to adjust bets, so it will not be hard to make quick and hassle free spins. Select a coin value that ranges between $0.01 and $10.00, put the coin wager number on one, two or three, and you are fully ready to place those fruits on the reels with your spins. The reels can be set in motion with a click on the normal spin button, but you can also place your spins on autopilot with the 'auto" button. Lastly, if you want to speed up the betting and spinning process, then you can also click on 'bet max'.

How to Place Wagers That Will Give You the Best Wins

There are five symbols that you can spin on the reels of this game. These symbols are the cherries, the lemon, the apple, the plum and the bar. You can place these icons in combinations on the reels and win cash rewards when you do so. The value of the given rewards depends on the number of coins that you decide to wager. In order to get the best results, it is advised that you play with three coins during a bet, because that will entitle you to win the highest rewards.

For example, if you place a row of three cherries on the reels during a one coin bet, you will receive 100 coins, but if you make the same combination during a three coin bet, then you win no less than 400 credits. Those 400 credits are the highest reward in the game. The lowest reward is one coin, which you earn when you spin a single cherry at one of the reel spots during a one coin spin.

Where to Play This Game

If you want to play this fruity little slot title, then you can head over to one of the online casino operators that run on the entertainment software from the slot’s developer, which in this case is Rival Gaming. This prominent virtual casino software developer has placed its games on a large variety of platforms. One of those gambling platforms is for example the website.

At this website, you can play the game in practice mode so that you don't have to spend any real coins or become a member of the casino. But if you want to go after the real cash prices, then you have to create an account before you can start to spin and win cash with this slot title. It will totally be worth it though, because is a fun casino to play at, and Fantastic Fruit Slots can be a profitable slot machine thanks to its various cash prices and its game play set up that makes it possible to make a lot of spins in short periods of time. Furthermore, while being active at this platform, you can also try your luck and have fun with other great slot games that are developed by Rival Gaming.

Fantastic Fruit Slots Can Be a Helpful Supplement for Your Wallet

It is always a good time to consume more fruits, but with Fantastic Fruit Slots it becomes extra attractive to stack up some much needed vitamin bombs. And these vitamin bombs are extra powerful, because they do not only provide helpful entertainment nutrients that are good for the body and mind, but they are also helpful supplements for your wallet. Go ahead and consume them to your heart's content when you set out to play this slot.