Global Cup Soccer Slots

They say soccer is a beautiful game, and if you agree with that, you should certainly check out the Global Cup Soccer slot. It may not be as big as you’d imagine, but it does pack in some intriguing features. Soccer fans, get ready – this one could be for you.

How many reels and win lines are there?

If you expected five reels, you’ll be surprised to realize there are just three here. You get a single payline to bet on, which makes it an affordable game for most.

Wagering options

The one-cent coin is in play as the smallest amount to wager on each spin. The biggest coin is way bigger at ten dollars. Since this is a three-reel slot, you get the chance to bet one, two, or three coins on the line.

Global Cup Soccer symbols to watch out for

Have you found a football on the payline? If so, you’ll win one, two, or three coins depending on the number of coins you wagered. There are assorted trophies to find too, and one of each on the line secures 3x your bet. Better still, gold, silver, and bronze trophies in that order will deliver 5x your bet.

If you manage to find the referee in every position on the payline, you will win the jackpot. Again, the amount won is calculated according to the number of coins wagered, with 2,500 coins the best you can hope for here. It is certainly worth playing three coins on the line whenever you can, even if they are of a low value.

Are you searching for some bonus features?

This is a basic slot, meaning you won’t unearth any bonuses while you spin those reels.

Be sure to download and play the superb Global Cup Soccer slot game now!

Since we have a soccer theme here, it makes sense we would see soccer-themed icons on the reels. You’ll be searching for footballs and referees above all else, although those trophies can be great to find as well.

There are lots of other football-themed slots around, but this one is ideal if you like playing simple three-reel games. Will you score a prize with a football, or will the referee come out in your favor by appearing three times on the line? We sure hope you manage to score a jackpot while playing this game.