Winsanity Slots

Winsanity is an online slot that combines plenty of wins with an insane background. This is a classic game with just three reels and one line. However, it definitely feels like more than a simple classic slot when accounting for the multipliers and graphics. We're going to cover more on what to expect regarding Winsanity.

Symbols and graphics

The background is what sets this game apart from many other online slots. It features various shades of blue, green, and purple, all of which combine to create a unique background. The symbols are also pretty well designed and offer fun animations during wins. The icons include 2x, 4x, 6x, quadruple BAR, triple BAR, double BAR, single BAR, and 7. You'll receive the biggest payout when combining all three multipliers win a win. Together, they offer anywhere between 1,000 coins (one-credit wager) and 3,000 coins (three credits). The quadruple BAR features the second-largest payout at between 20 coins (one credit) and 60 coins (three credits).

Betting options

This game only offers one line, so there's no changing anything in this department. But you can adjust your coin size from $0.01 to $10 and use 1-3 credits. Therefore, you can wager anywhere from one cent to $30 per spin. Other betting options include Auto and Bet Max. The former keeps the reels spinning automatically with your wagering selections in place. The latter immediately turns your total wager to the maximum.

Win big with multipliers

The "Win" in Winsanity is best exemplified by the multipliers, which also serve as wild symbols. A 2x, 4x, or 6x multiplier will substitute to form payouts and also multiply them by the appropriate amount. For instance, a 4x that appears in a 10-coin prize will transform the win to 40 coins. Of course, the ultimate goal is to land all three multipliers in a single line and scoop the jackpot. However, these symbols can still lead to some big wins even if they don't deliver the top prize.

Winsanity RTP and volatility

This game only offers 94.26% return to player (RTP). Considering that most online slots today offering around 96% RTP, Winsanity's payout percentage is fairly low. The volatility is above average on a per-spin basis. Of course, the mildly high volatility is expected on a single-line slot. The good news is that you'll still form a decent amount of wins thanks to the wild multipliers.

Play on Android and iOS devices

Winsanity may be a classic game, but it's completely modern in terms of mobile compatibility. You can enjoy this slot on any Android or iOS device. That said, grab your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and spin the reels a few times.

Final verdict on Winsanity slots

Winsanity won't win over the crowd that seeks the absolute biggest and best features. However, it does have more than enough to satisfy the average classic slots fan. This game has wild symbols, multipliers, large payouts, and fun graphics. If you like classic games with a few extras, then Winsanity should be right up your alley.