Astral Luck Slots

Reading horoscopes is a very popular activity among humans from around the world. The people who read them, believe that they are able to predict or explain certain events in their lives or those of others.

With its game Astral Luck Slots, developer Rival Gaming honors the world of the zodiacs, and it addresses to the needs of stargazers and gambling fanatics alike.

Will You Soon Become A Wealthy Person?

Is your zodiac sign telling you that you will become a lucky and wealthy person? Then it is time to let the stars guide you in Astral Luck Slots from casino entertainment enhancer Rival Gaming. While playing, you will spin various astrological symbols that are positioned on an outer space background.

As a true astrology fan, you will most likely believe that the outcome of your spins depends on the position of the stars. That will increase the fun, because you can just go with the flow and put your faith in the higher magical powers. However, it always a good feeling when the stars are standing in a good position, and the symbols on the reels follow their example.

Make Sure That the Reel Symbols Are Positioned in Your Favor

The symbols on the reels of this slot title have mysterious forms that further enhance the mystical and alien-like atmosphere that the game portrays. Align these symbols to create winnings and pay special attention to the extra rewarding wild icon, which is able to expand over the reels. It shows up on the first reel, but also on the third and the fifth.

There is also a free spins triggering symbol that needs to appear 3 times to give you 5 free spins, 4 times to give you 10 spins and 5 times to provide a whopping amount of 20. Free spin winnings are combined with a 3 times multiplier.

In addition, there is a bonus symbol in the game, which needs to show up at least 3 times in order for it to launch the bonus round.

A Wealthy Future Might Await You When You Play Astral Luck Slots

Do you currently feel unlucky about your gambling endeavors? Then you should gaze upon the stars, because in them might lie the answer that you have been waiting for.

Astral Luck Slots might be such an answer, as it is able to give you great fortunes and many happy moments. Try it out today and find out if a wealthy future awaits you in a Rival powered casino.