Dark Hearts Slots

They are gorgeous but they are also deadly. Victor and Marcus are the vampires in this colorful slots game that are fighting for the attentions and blood of Willow. Willow is a beautiful maiden who is not unaware of the real reason that these men are chasing her. They try to convince her to drink from their chalice of death but she evades it time and time again. Players of this game follow the efforts of these two vampires as they try to suck the blood from Willow. There are five reels and 243 ways to win in this game of blood and vampires. Players can try out the game for fun before placing real money bets and they can also opt for an auto play feature allowing them to preset the number of spins the game runs for consecutively.

Loving the Blood

In this game the love bite symbol is the wild and this substitutes for other symbols helping to make up winning paylines. It also offers handsome payouts. The key to Willows heart is the scatter symbol awarding players multiplying payouts and also being the key to the choice chamber where the player chooses one of the characters of the game and subsequently wins free spins. Victor awards players a 1x multiplier, Willow awards players a 2x multiplier and Marcus a 3x multiplier. With the multiplier the player can win free spins that may be triggered again giving the player more and more chances to win and more and more fun in this blood thirsty game of love and horrors.