A Day at the Derby Slots

A lot of people like to spend their free time at the derby. You can now share in the passion of these horse race fans when you visit the virtual race track setting of A Day at the Derby Slots. Since this slot title is presented to you online by developer Rival Gaming, you can visit the tracks whenever you want. And at the tracks of this game, there are more money making opportunities than just being able to bet on your favorite race horse.

There are various prizes that can be won if you spin items like flowers, horseshoes and betting slips on the reel spots. On top of that, you can enjoy yourself with a couple of bonus perks such as for example win multiplying free spins, a bonus round and very lucrative jockey jackpot rewards.

And do not worry because you don't have to break the bank if you want to go after the rewards in this game, because it provides betting possibilities for gamblers with all kinds of budgets and play style needs. Spins can be made with only $0.01 bets, so you can be free of worries when you want to play with a tiny budget.

This game is equally attractive if you are a high stakes player and want to put your big bankroll to work. Bets of up to $50.00 can be made if all the wager details are set to maximum. The game also provides a helpful 'bet max' button to make it easier for you to place big wagers. This button instantly activates a maximum bet spin when you click on it.

How to Make Your Bet and Spin Adjustments

The bet adjustment options leave a lot of room to choose the value of your wagers. The coin denomination options are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10 and $0.25. Furthermore, you can not only choose the values of the coins that you want to bet, but it is also possible to decide how many of these coins need to be put into action. Click on 'select coins' and choose a number between one and ten.

In order to determine the value of your bet, it is also important that you activate your preferred number of paylines with the 'select lines' button. Between one and twenty lines can be activated. The more of them you play with, the better your chances of winning become. When you are satisfied about the wager settings, you can hit 'spin' to see if it is your lucky day at the derby. Additionally, you also click on the 'auto', button, which lets you play the game on autopilot.

Spin the Right Symbols and Become a Winner on the Tracks

It can be quite exciting and thrilling to go to the tracks with some cash, pick a horse you think will win and then see the actual race take place. A Day at the Derby Slots ads an extra layer of excitement and winning opportunities to this experience, because it lets you do more than just bet on your favorite horse in the hope that it will win. Your chances of winning fine sums of money increase when you visit this online race track, because it allows you to make money with all kinds of other derby related elements as well.

With a top win of 50, the binocular item is at the bottom of the paytable. The maximum win goes up to 80 for the betting slip, and it increases to 100 if you spin the horseshoes in a symbol row of 5. A high prize of 200 is triggered by a row of 5 drinks, and the male visitor to the tracks hits its payout limit at 300. His female companion is worth a bit more. She tops at 500 with her payout. From then on, things get really interesting, because the bouquet of roses is a real winner's prize with its top reward of 1000. However, the ultimate winner receives the golden cup, which comes with a top prize of 1500.

In addition to these non-feature icons, the game also lets you spin a total of four bonus attributes, which are the grey horse, the brown horse, the blue jockey and the red/green jockey. Each of these attributes provide a special game perk if you spin them on the reels in proper quantities. You can hit the game's jackpot prize with the help of the jockey that is wearing red and green clothes. He will make you a real winner when you line him up five times in a symbol combination, because he will then give you a 2500 reward. The jockey in blue is also a welcome symbol on the reels, and especially if you spin him three to five time in a combination, because he will then hand you a generous set of free spins. It gets even better, because all your wills will be tripled while you play with these free spins.

The remaining two special perk symbols are the grey and the brown horse. The brown horse performs the role of the wild. This wild can turn your symbol combinations into winners because it has the ability to replace unwanted icons into the once you need for your win. Lastly, there is the grey horse, which is able to transport you to the bonus feature if you land it at least three times at random reel spots.

Spin the Reels to Become a Rich and Satisfied Race Track Spectator

A Day at the Derby Slots is a cartoonish looking game that aims to entertain you in a relaxed and fun way. Take some time off from your job, grab a drink and a couple of coins that you can use for wagers, spin the reels and sit back to watch how the race track themed symbols start to form combinations that will hopefully make you a rich and satisfied spectator.