Flying Colors Slots

The sky awaits you in the action packed Flying Colors Slots title from entertainment software developer Rival Gaming. Dive, or rather take off, into the world of daring, brave and legendary fighter pilots that had epic dogfights with their enemies during World War 2. Tragically, many of those fighters never returned home. However, that is something you do not have to worry about, because you only get to experience the virtual trills of a dogfight.

What's more, you will not only be able to return home alive, but there is also a chance that you do it with coin-filled pockets. If that has calmed your nerves a bit and if it has triggered your enthusiasm to play this game, then it is about time to find out what is up there in the sky. We promise, it will not only be angry enemy fighters who are looking for a chance to shoot you down.

Become a Spinning Ace on the Slot Reels

Have you always dreamed about becoming a heroic flying ace? Then what would you think off becoming spinning ace. Or, perhaps, you can become both. Flying Colors Slots certainly gives you a chance to release your inner flying and spinning hero. Ace those symbol combinations on the slot reels and you will be well on your way to become a well-rewarded legend.

The non-feature symbols that you can spin on the five available reels of this virtual slot machine game are the pilot in the yellow fighter plane, the pilot in the green fighter plane, and a couple of batches with card game symbols printed on them that range from the number 9 to the legendary Ace.

When it comes to bonus triggering icons, you should not only point your eyes to the sky but also to the people on the ground. There is one beautiful lady in particular that you need to keep in your sight, because she is the one who hands out the game's jackpot prize of no less than 1000 credits. Just make sure that you return home safely to collect it. Who knows, you might even win a kiss from the girl as well as thank you for your bravery and your service.

If you have you eyes locked on the sky, then you cannot miss the giant zeppelin with its applicably huge top reward of 10000 credits. Now that is a prize to look out for. What's more, the zeppelin is also the game's wild icon. Furthermore, while you are flying out there in order to hunt down enemies and cash reward, you should always be on the lookout for your archenemy. Or perhaps arch enemy is not really a correct term, because the Crimson Kaiser in his red fighter plane does generously reward you with an entry ticket to the bonus game if he flies over the reels in a three to five symbol formation.

Lastly, there is the propeller icon, which is the activator of the can’t lose spins round. Spin it 3 times and win 7 free spins, spin it 4 times and receive 14 free spins, spin it 5 times and receive 25 free spins. A 2 times multiplier reward is attached to your free spins, and the wild first reel benefit is an assurance that you will make some killer wins.

Respond to the Calls of Duty and Profits in Flying Colors Slots

Flying Colors Slots sends you into the sky with an important objective. Your mission is to get sight of moneymaking targets that you have to place on the reels. Return to the earth with as many profits as you can, and become the brave hero you have always aspired to be. Perform your money hunting Flying Colors Slots dogfights at Rival Gaming casinos that have taken position on the pages of the internet.