Hobo's Hoard Slots

Help Harry the Hobo in Hobo’s Hoard Slots and help yourself to a variety of prizes and bonuses for doing so! Anything Harry might find or beg could change both his life and yours for the better. There is a lot of fruit to eat, shopping trolleys to find, Scattered Aluminium cans you can trade in for free spins, Wild Dustbins to scavenge from, and Bonus Crowds to beg money from.

Harry’s big motivations for all he does is being homeless and hungry. He would love you to find him any of the juicy fruits that are spinning round the stock 5 reels and 15 pay lines. There are cherries, lemons, apples, oranges and pineapples to find, and 3 to 5 matching symbols will award you anything up to 150x your line-bet.

Hobo's Hoard Slots are a 5 reel, 15 line video slot, with bonus rounds, wilds that can pay out up to 15000 coins, two scatters, and free spin games on top of all that! Hobo's Hoard slot game features a city back drop and soda-cans representing each line. Harry also loves wheeling his few possessions around in a shopping trolley, and finding these can win you up to 250x your line-bet. Failing that, he's happy to settle for a nap-sack made up of a tied tablecloth and a pole for which you'll also win 250x your line-bet.

Hobo’s Hoard Slots lets you play up to 5 coins at a time, this makes it possible to play up to $75 at a time, perfect for any high roller. If that's not your thing you can play as little as 1 cent and 1 line without breaking the bank. He also loves his big cardboard boxes so he can shelter from the cold and the rain, and these can be worth up to 500x your line-bet, whilst finding Harry whilst he's only seeing Dollar Signs can win you 750x. The Hobo's Hoard Slots bonus icon and the spins icon are both scatters. Trashcans are wild and can be substituted for any icon other than scatters. Five trashcans are worth a giant 15000 coins! The other two jackpots are the hobo symbols, both of these pay up to 1000 when betting max lines and coins.

Hobos must have plenty of Wild days, and scavenging in dustbins is how they come about. Any single dustbin can substitute for other base game symbols to make more winning lines, whilst finding 4 or 5 Wild Dustbins on a pay-line can respectively win you 2,500x and 7,500x your line-bet. Hobo's Hoard Slots Free Spins are triggered when you hit three or more spin icons; you automatically get 10 free spins, any wins on these spins are multiplied by three on top of it all. Harry's also got a get rich quick scheme in which he trades-in any aluminium cans he finds for free spins. Any 3 cans you find you can then trade in for 10 free spins, whilst 5 cans will reward you with 50x your total-bet.

Hobo's Hoard Slots Bonus Round is triggered when you get three bonus icons. In this bonus you have a group of people to pick from, your job is to pick the person you feel will give the hobo the most money. The more change he gets the more coins you get! And Harry just can't let any crowd go to waste, which is great news for you as 3 or more crowds will trigger the Bonus Round. You'll only have the time to beg from one of the characters who are standing at a bus-stop though, so carefully weigh-up which one you thinks looks likely to give you the most money.

All Hobo's Hoard slot lines pay left to right, except scatters which pay any, and the amount paid depends on your bet. If you're not bothered about making real money then you can play this game for fun money, but if you are then you'll have to carefully combine 1 to 15 lines, 1 to 5 coins, and coin-values ranging from 0.1 to 1.0. These combinations offer a minimum bet of just 0.01 coins a spin and a maximum bet of 75 coins. You can easily configure your bets and game using the in game buttons. Plus there is auto play if you don't want to worry about spinning yourself, this can spin up to 500 times by itself as long as your balance allows it.

Hobo’s Hoard Slots is based on an original theme. It is hard not to feel a little sympathy for the Hobos out there, but it’s a whole lot more fun cashing-in on their way of life in this slot version so start playing Hobo’s Hoard Slots and you are bound to find a home and some cash in Harry’s world!