Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple

If you have always believed that Indiana Jones is the coolest treasure hunter on the planet, then you have not met the adventurous and sexy Jenny Nevada yet. This brave lady is so cool that she has her very own online slot machine, in which she takes you along on an adventure that will bring both of you to the Diamond Temple. Hence, the name of the game is Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots.

With a name like that, you know there is going to be some treasure involved along the way, and you are most certainly not wrong about that. This game has plenty of great rewards on offer, and you become eligible to receive them when you start to spin its five reels and show that you can bring along some luck on your great adventure with Jenny.

Gather the Tools That You Need to Bring on Your Quest to Riches

Jenny is a skilled and experienced adventurer, and she will never go on a quest without her most important tools, weapons and other necessary treasure hunting materials. In this game, she asks your help to collect these objects on the slot reels, and you will receive handsome rewards if you say yes and arrange the items properly on the reels with your spins.

On the item checklist for this quest are the bonus round triggering airplane, the highly rewarding whip, the free spins rewarding Jenny Nevada herself, the map that could lead you guys to a big and ancient treasure, the jeep, the binoculars, the temple, the pistol, the golden mask, a bag of diamonds, the machete and the hat.

These important objects are the items that you need to collect in order to make your adventure a big success. They will make sure that you come home with a bunch of great cash rewards. The reel items need to form combinations that have a minimum of three similar icons and a maximum of five. You should especially pay attention to the whip attribute, because a combination of five whips will earn you the top price of 5000.

A Thrilling and Potentially Lucrative Adventure Awaits You

Play Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots and you will have a guaranteed adventure together with the brave and sexy Jenny Nevada. What is no guarantee, but most certainly a possibility, is the fact that you can win valuable rewards while you go on this adventurous treasure hunt. It depends on you how much you want to stake in order to get these rewards. Spin the reels Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots on a Rival Gaming casino and give this adventure your best shot.