Money Magic Slots

Money Magic Slots
Money Magic Slots is a game of fun. It has a Jackpot Meter above the reels and all the prize icons are magic related, and many of the prize icons will do fun animations to celebrate your wins. The theme of the slot hides a lot of secrets and mysteries, which you are to reveal. There is a magic show, complete with images of everything you might see there, from the extremely attractive assistant, to the tricks where she would be sawn in half or stabbed as she sits in a box. The music of the online slot will help you to relax, so that it is an excellent choice after a hard day. Moreover, there are many bonuses with high pay outs.

Money Magic Slots has 9 pay lines and 5 reels. The pay table mentions scatter symbols and wilds with a top prize of $5,000. A progressive jackpot is also available though, and its value can be considerably higher. All you need to do to play is to press the Spin button and win money thanks to numerous winning combinations which appear within 9 pay lines. All lines pay from left to right in accordance with the pay table. There are a lot of symbols which make playing extremely comfortable. You can change the number of pay lines to make the game more interesting. You have an opportunity to select the number of coins and the bet multiplier to decide how much to bet. Do not forget to try the Max Bet button because the more you bet, the more you win.

You can win all sorts of prizes for spotting magic tricks and items used in magic tricks, and any 3 to 5 matching icons on any of the game's 9 pay-lines you're playing will award a line-bet multiplying prize. You can win up to 100x your line-bet for cute little white rabbits, whilst you can fly that bit higher at up to 150x if white doves magically appear. Top Hats, Playing Cards and Magic Wands also all like to get in on the act, and these respectively pay up to 200x, 250x and 300x.

The Magician himself pays up to 400x, but you probably won't even be watching him when you see his gorgeous blonde assistant. She's wearing a sexy bunny-girl leotard with stockings, knee length boots and a top hat – and you wonder why nobody see the magician's sleight of hand. Prizes definitely get more cutting-edge after that as it's up to 750x your line-bet for the Swords In The Box Trick, whilst the Saw the magician uses to cut his gorgeous assistant in half with is worth up to 800x.

There are a lot of symbols, which are assistants of the magician and yours. You can see the rabbit, the hat, the cards, the magic wand and others. They will give you from 2 up to 1000 coins. The exact amount of the win depends on the number and sort of the symbols on the winning line. Moreover, the scatter symbol will trigger a special feature to let you win even more. There is a jackpot in this free casino slot machine as well. It has 2 x multiplier and allows you to win 10,000 coins in one spin.

The Magician also has a second gorgeous assistant who's dressed in a sparkly blue outfit and can be seen levitating, and the more times you see her icon the more you'll win. She actually the game's Scatter Icon and she'll multiply your total-bet by 3x for 3 symbols, 12x for 4 symbols, and a magical 75x for 5 symbols. However, there would nothing more magical than winning the Jackpot, and it is triggered by spinning-in the Jackpot Icons which are the atypical Bunch Of Flowers that magician's usually make appear from nowhere. You can win a prize for 2 to 5 jackpot symbols, with 4 paying 1,000x your line-bet, and 5 paying 10,000x your line-bet. However, if you're playing the maximum bet of just 2.25 coins a spin – then 5 Jackpot Symbols will win you the amount shown on the Jackpot Meter.

Magic Flowers (progressive jackpot), Levitating Woman (scatter, 75x the wager), Cigarette Through Coin (1,000x), Hand Saw (800x), Swords in Box (750x), Magician’s Assistant (500x), Magician (400x), Magic Wand (300x), Cards (250x), Magic Hat (200x), White Dove (150x) and Rabbit (100x). As the maximum bet is just 2.25 coins, that Jackpot Meter really does have some magical allure, though you can enjoy playing this game by combining 1 to 9 pay-lines and 1 to 5 coins, with the coin-value of 0.05 to suit your taste.

The main feature would probably be the one that is also responsible for the slot’s jackpot. The symbol in question would be the wild, with an image of a bouquet of flowers being selected as its representative. As the jackpot symbol, you will need it to form its own combinations, appearing on a pay line of its own, which is active.

The symbol that has the scatter ability is useful as well, but mostly because it awards prizes and it does it in a different way. The simple presence of the Floating Girl symbol is enough to get you a prize, as long as it’s between two and five times. The most you can get out of it is 75 times the round’s bet.

One thing you will love about Money Magic Slots is that it’s not expensive at all to play at its maximum level. The coins are all worth $0.05 and you can use up to 5 per line, so you get $0.25 line bets at the highest level. With 9 lines used, the wager goes up to $2.25, no more.

That kind of bet is enough to get you a prize that is valued at up to $5,000, but it’s also enough to trigger the progressive jackpot. This jackpot has been won at values anywhere between $5,000 and $299,000, the average value being $88,000 in the past. So become a Magician’s assistant and start playing Money Magic Slots today!