Pigskin Payout Slots

Play this great American Football themed sports slot where sometimes you just have to run with it, so don't leave yourself feeling down by missing out on the chance to line-up some great plays including Wild Cheerleaders and Can't Lose Free Spins. There is alcohol, the junk food, the protective clothing for the participants and the vast number of commercials – this can only be American football, a game we don’t entirely understand this side of the pond. Pigskin Pay out Slots is an online slot from which celebrates this most American of sports so perhaps we might learn something from it by checking it out.

Pigskin Pay out Slots is a five reel game with up to twenty pay lines and it all takes place against the backdrop of a sports stadium. Blimps hover overhead and there’s a set of goalposts which frames a set of 3 x 3 symbols on the centre three reels. The symbols are oddly basic and include the pigskin itself (the ball), some snacks, a foam hand, a quarterback, a line backer, the referee, the mascot and finally a blackboard containing tactical information. A pop pom waving cheerleader represents the wild and the aerial view of the stadium is the scatter symbols which activates the main feature.

You might want to take this opportunity to experiment a little with how much you want to stake on each play. You can play 1 to 20 lines, and bet combinations of 1 to 10 coins and coin-values of 0.01 to 0.25 on each line. If you feel like playing low and safe stakes, you can spin the reels for just 0.01 coins a spin, but if you feel like going for the bomb then you can enjoy betting 50 coins a spin.

Free spins are the order of the day here and by landing three or more of the stadium scatter symbols you will earn the following: Three stadiums – five spins. Four stadiums – ten spins. Five stadiums – twenty five spins. While your spins are underway the cheerleader wild symbols will completely cover reels one and five and you will only need two symbols to earn a pay out. This means every spin is a guaranteed win. Additionally all wins are subject to a 3x multiplier.

The pressure is starting to build now, so you need to know just how much game you've got in your armoury. The crowd may cheer you on with sponge fingers worth up to 50 coins, or they might just be munching on nachos at up to 65 coins. Watch the play on the 50-yard line though as all winning 3 to 5 icons wins are followed-up by a fumble. You can even collect courtesy of the Crocodile Mascots at up to 150 coins, umpires at up to 200 coins, defensive linesmen at up to 300 coins, and quarterbacks at up to 1,500 coins.

This game is also good for low rollers because you can always play with just one pay line it you want to. You can also do this if you’re just going for the free spins because the scatter symbols don’t need to be collected on an active pay line. You better have a big half-time lead if you're going to start playing with the Wild Cheerleaders. Line-up all 5 of them on a pay-line and you'll win a brilliant 7,500 coins. The girls will also substitute for other symbols to create more winning combos, and multiply those prizes by two. Any win with cheerleaders in it will also see their pom-poms bounce up and down in celebration.

If you want to hit the jackpot you will have to be able to play home and away. 3 to 5 Scattered Stadiums are the way to win huge in this slot. 3 stadiums will award 5 free spins, 4 stadiums will award 10 free spins, and 5 stadiums will award 25 free spins – during which all prizes are tripled. However, even better, all free spins are guaranteed Jackpot Can't Lose Spins which benefit from Wild Cheerleaders on reels 1 and 5.

This is one of the best American Football themed that there is. Apart from the players and the field we also see the crowd with sponge fingers and nachos, they’ve introduced you to the players in quarterbacks and defensive linesmen, and they’ve added whole heaps of fun with Mascot Crocodiles and those Wild Cheerleaders with bouncing pom-poms – however it’s the Jackpot Can’t Lose Free Spins that will let you win the game every time you’re awarded them, and make you want to touchdown here time and time again! They've worked on compatibility too so you should be able to play from anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Why not start playing Pigskin Pay out today?