Major Moolah Slots

Major Moolah Slots
The word Moolah is derived from the Spanish word mula which means mule. However, moolah has evolved into the slang word for money. This is a classic slot with old school Vegas Style symbols, but with a modern feel to it. The classic symbols are the 7’s, gold bars, and round gold symbols with stars in the centre. There is also a special Major Moolah symbol that triggers the top jackpot.

Major Moolah Slots is a 3 reel, 1 pay line slot. It is a simple and easy game to play by both novices and professional casino players. There are no bonus features and there are no bonus symbols. However, it brings bigger jackpots and a better chance to win the progressive jackpot. The graphics and animations are elegant and realistic, making players feel like they’re at a real Las Vegas casino.

All you need to do is to press the Spin button, everything else will be done for you. You win when a winning combination appears in the pay line. All wins occur on adjacent reels and they are paid in accordance with the pay table. Your total win consists of the win in coins and the total bet. You cannot change the former, but you can influence the latter. Select the number of coins and the bet multiplier to decide how much to bet. Bet a minimum of $1 on Major Moolah. Begin playing the online slot machine by pressing the ‘Spin’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen or you can click on ‘Auto’ to enjoy the Auto play feature. Only real money players can use the Auto play feature. The Pay table is displayed on the left side of the screen, making it simple to see the winning combinations.

You have an opportunity to use the Max Bet feature and try to make a fortune thanks to it. Moreover, you can continue playing all day long with the help of the Auto spin button. There are quite a lot of symbols, as for classic slots. All of them are shown next to the reels so that you can easily check your wins. Collect 1-3 symbols of different Bars, 7’s and coins and win up to 1500 coins or the jackpot. The exact win depends on the number and kind of symbols on the win line.

Many of the symbols in Major Moolah Slots take you back to the days when the only place to play slots was club, pubs and casinos. However, everyone can enjoy this online version with stars, bars and 7's all offering pay-outs. Most prizes are for lining-up 3 matching symbols, but you can also win when 1 or 2 stars appear. 1 star pays 1 to 3 coins, whilst 2 stars pay 6 to 18 coins – and there are also bigger prizes.

The Major Moolah Jackpot is won when playing the 3-slot progressive jackpot game of the same name from Rival Software. This slot is about as well-presented as a three slot game of its kind could be. The Major Moolah slot is a fixed one-line, three-slot game with a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $3. Given that Major Moolah does not have a bonus game, scatter symbol or free spins feature, this is about as good as a game like this can be. Major Moolah does not use army-themed symbols as one might expect; rather, it uses classic slot symbols like sevens, stars and ‘bar signs’ to convey the classic casino ambiance.

The aim of the game is to win the default jackpot of $2,500.00 and the maximum jackpot of $89, 000.00, but also to win the progressive jackpot and rule the Earth, or just buy a yacht. The progressive jackpot is the reason why Major Moolah is such a popular game. To win the progressive jackpot, you need to play for real money and bet the maximum of $3. The value of the pay out is determined when the 3 Special Major Moolah symbols land on the single pay line. Then, the value of the jackpot returns to the floor value and starts building again. Look out for the constant updated progressive jackpot that is displayed directly above the reels.

The progressive jackpot is listed at the top of the page and constantly increases as you keep pulling back the virtual slot lever. You win the progressive jackpot by betting the maximum $3 and by coming up with 3 double-m symbols. Two double-m symbols will also win you a not-too-shabby bonus of 1,500 credits. The gold star symbol is the equivalent of a wild symbol. Even one gold star will have you win back your initial bet, two gold stars bet you 6 times your initial wager, while three gold stars is good for 600 credits.

There are 3 types of Bar to look out for and these are the single, double and triple bars, and you can win between 5 and 15 coins for any combination of the 3 of them. Hit 3 single bars though and you'll win between 20 and 60 coins, whilst 3 double bars win 30 to 90 coins, and 3 triple bars win 40 to 120 coins.

There are also 3 types of 7's to look out for which are the blue 7, white 7 and red 7, and any mixed combination pays 4 to 120 coins. Meanwhile, 3 blue 7's pay 60 to 180 coins, 3 white 7's pay 80 to 240 coins, and 3 red 7's pay 100 to 300 coins. You'll also find yourself wishing on a star, or 3 to be precise, as these pay 200 to 600 coins, whilst the top prizes for 3 Major Moolah symbols are 750 coins, 1,500 coins and the Jackpot!

The presentation of this game is great as it is classic yet it has a modern feel to it. The jazzy background music complete with that casino crowd murmur really makes you feel like you’re on the casino floor and right in the thick of the action! So play Major Moolah Slots today for a Major Win!