Metal Detector Slots

Have you ever walked down a sunny beach, metal detector in hand, in search of buried treasure when you were a kid? If you haven’t, then now is your chance to do it without leaving your house thanks to Metal Detector Slots. You just never know what you might find buried under the sand which has been there for centuries, or just washed-up just below the surface only a few hours ago.

When you find a spot where the detector is going crazy, you’ll know that you’ve found something, but is that something hugely valuable or is it just an old can of coke? This slot takes a look at the more glamorous side of the hobby, with gold coins, treasure chests, jewellery, golden goblets and even ancient guns all appearing on the reels, making the ‘metal dude’ character at the game clearly a master of his art. This slot has two distinct bonus features in a map based free spins round and a game where you’ll use the metal detector on a beach. There's the chance to find all sorts of treasures by spinning the 5 reels and 15 pay-lines in Metal Detector Slots.

Metal Detector Slots have 5 reels and 15 pay lines, with two types of scatters, where one can give bonus rounds and the other free spin games! Metal Detector slot is sure to find some buried treasure for you. The standout symbol of this game is the Metal Dude who makes an appearance both on the reels and within the bold orange title. He wears headphones and a visor and presses one finger to his temple, indicating that he is ‘in the know’ when it comes to uncovering the most valuable metal. One thing that is certain is that he is clearly better at metal detecting than he is at choosing shirts! Just imagining uncovering Golden Chalices that might have been there from Roman Times, and you can trade them into the Treasury at up to 500x your line-bet. Or how about some nice Rolex Watches that the local pawnbrokers will snatch off your wrist at the same price. Other items that players have been known to find include Diamond Necklaces and Pirate's Pistols worth up to 800x your line-bet. They've also found Bejewelled Rings and Gold Coins worth up to 1,000x, and even full Treasure Chests worth 2,000x your line-bet.

Metal Detector online slots wagering accepts coins from a penny up to a dollar, this way you can play everything from 1 cent all the way up to 75 dollars a spin. You may also stumble across 3 to 5 Treasure maps on the beach, and these will trigger an undisclosed number of free spins and a prize multiplier combination. Simply choose one of the triggering maps and it will reveal a free spin and multiplier combination that could win you a small fortune.

Metal Detector Slots also features two different scatter icons. If you receive 3 of the same one in any order you will be taken to a bonus round. The first scatter is the man symbol, 3 of these will send you to the dig bonus round. Here you will get to pick a number of free spins and another that will multiply all of your free spins. You can rack up a lot of coins this way!

So how do you get your hands on some of the gold? During the base game you’ll simply need to land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line, with the largest wins coming for 5 in a row. The treasure chest is the highest paying symbol at the game, worth 2,000 coins for the maximum 5, while the diamond ring and the gold coin are both worth 1,000 coins. Alongside all of the relevant symbols to the theme you’ll also find the playing card symbols from 10 to Ace, these offering the lowest pay-outs of the game.

Free Spins – The first scatter is the map symbol and this will activate the free spins round when appearing on the reels 3, 4 or 5 times. You’ll be taken to a map where you’ll choose an area by clicking on an ‘X’ which will reveal your number of spins. Then you’ll move into the area and choose one of four locations, which will now reveal your multiplier. During the feature, should you land an additional 3 or more map scatters, the round will be retriggered.

Bonus Game – This round is activated by landing the metal dude three or more times across the reels. You’ll now enter a beach scene, where the metal dude is moving the detector across the sand. You’ll find a cross section map showing where the buried booty might be, while the detector meter shows when you are getting close. You’ll guide the metal detector from left to right across the sand and when hovering over the metal a ‘dig’ option will appear, at which point you’ll be awarded a win based upon what you can uncover.

The other scatter is the map icon, three of these will prompt the treasure map bonus round. All Metal Detector Slots pay lines pay left to right except for the scatter symbols which can pay anywhere. The treasure chests, coins, and diamond rings are worth the most, these can fetch up to 1000 coins when matching five.

Metal Detector slot patterns are laid out the in the pay table section, you can see all the different orders to win and how much every symbol is worth. Set up the Metal Detector slots auto feature and the machine will do all the work for you. You can even have it quit playing once you have reached a set amount of money.

So, try playing Metal Detector Slots today. You could be standing on a potential gold mine and never know if you never play. Join in this exciting game and dig up amazing treasures!