Sevens and Bars Slots

Sevens and Bars Slots is the traditional one armed bandit and this machine will take you down memory lane. It has 3 reels and 1 pay line and a few extra features. This slot machine is all about symbols typical of old good casino machines. They are made in three colours: red, white and blue. The colour scheme provides the original all-American theme as there are also stars and stripes apart from the red, white and blue colours, in the background. This game goes all out to give you high pay outs and although there are no features of modern video slots, there are enjoyable sounds and nice design which all add up to making it hard for you to stop playing.

As there's also only 3 reels, there's plenty of room on the screen allowing the pay table to be handily located to the left of the reels where you can see all the combinations of Lucky 7's, Bars and Diamonds you can spin-in to win you lots of money. Playing is easy. Just press the Spin button and wait for the winning combination to come. You will win whenever a winning combination appears within a pay line. All line pays must appear on adjacent reels and they are paid according to the pay table which is situated right next to the reels. Your total win will consist of the win in coins multiplied by the total bet. You can change the number of coins and their value to decide how much you want to bet and win. Also, there are Max Bet and Auto Spin features in this online casino slot.

The Max Bet lets you break the bank. This means that you have a maximum amount that you can bet and ultimately also the maximum amount to win. The higher you bet, the higher your win will be so it is advisable to bet as much as you can to take advantage of an astronomical win. The Auto Spin feature allows you to sit back and watch as the reels spins automatically for you. You can let the wheels spin while you do your own thing or else sit and watch. The reels will stop spinning automatically either when you press the Spin button again to revert to playing manually or else when you run out of money.

In Sevens and Bars Slots there's a choice of playing 1, 2 or 3 coins on any spin of the reels, and the prizes are mainly proportionate to the number of coins you're playing. However, if you hit the top prize of three 7's & Bars Icons, there is a significant incentive of a 250 coins bonus for playing 3 coins. Meanwhile, the range of coin-values allow slot players of all staking persuasions to enjoy this game at either the 1, 2 or 3 coins level, as your coin-value options range from as little as 0.01 up to 10 coins. This allows a minimum bet of just 0.01 coins a spin, and a maximum bet of 30 coins a spin. Symbols of 7’s, Bars, diamonds of blue, red and white colour will give you from 1 up to 2500 coins in one spin. The amount of money you can win depends on the number and sort of symbols, which create winning combinations. Red, white and blue Sevens in such an order will give you 5 x multiplier. If you have 3 7’s in any other order, then you will be paid 3 x multiplier.

The aforementioned top prize 7's and Bars Icon is the 3 icon combination you really want to land and even playing just 1 coin you'll win 750 coins. If you're playing 2 coins that doubles to 1,500 coins, whilst you'll win 2,500 coins when playing 3 coins.

There are lots of decent combos to spin-in too, with 3 Diamonds adding plenty of sparkle at up between 200 coins and 600 coins, whilst you'll certainly feel pretty lucky if you line-up 3 Red 7's at between 100 coins and 300 coins. Meanwhile White 7's are worth 80 coins to 240 coins, and Blue 7's are worth 60 coins to 180 coins. You can even win by spinning-in mixed 7's and any combination will win you 10 to 30 coins, though if you manage to line-up a Red 7, a White 7 and a Blue 7 in that order you can multiply those prizes 5x.

You can also enjoy wins for triple bars, double bars, and single bars, and these respectively pay 40 to 120 coins, 30 to 90 coins, and 20 to 60 coins. There's also a few smaller wins to enjoy with mixed bars paying 5 to 15 coins, 2 diamonds paying likewise, and 1 diamond paying 1 to 3 coins. So why not take that heart-warming trip down Nostalgia Lane today?