Bovada Casino Slots Player Wins $155k Jackpot on Strike Gold

A Bovada Casino player recently won $155,000 playing Strike Gold Slots. And what's amazing is that she only bet two $0.50 coins ($1 total) to win this fortune!

The player didn't offer any details on herself. But whoever she is, we can bet that she's figuring out how to spend her newfound wealth.

The Winner had to Bet 2 Coins

Strike Gold is a 3-reel, one-payline classic slot that revolves around gold, silver, and copper. The game only offers a 2,000-coin jackpot for 1-coin wagers, but a big progressive jackpot for 2-coin wagers.

This means that the lucky lady had to wager two coins, or else she wouldn't have qualified for the jackpot. But at $1 total per spin, Strike Gold is a game that most progressive jackpot hunters can afford to play.

Other Progressive Jackpot Slots at Bovada

Strike Gold's progressive jackpot value has been reset after the mystery winner's windfall on January 10. But you can still find plenty of other large progressive jackpots at Bovada Casino.

For example, Shopping Spree currently has a jackpot worth over $2.8 million. You can play plenty of other slots here with jackpots worth five or six figures.

That said, we highly recommend that you check out Bovada's progressive slots, because they're paying out some really big jackpots!