Diamond Rhino From Rival

Surprisingly enough, it’s not that unusual to spot rhinos in online slot games. Animals have long been a popular theme for these games, and they often appear alongside many other animals.

Rival Gaming has released a sterling example of this, taking us to the wilderness to play Diamond Rhino. There are some unusual features here though, as revealed in the title, so let’s get onto those now.

Five reels… but not as you’d expect them to look

In this case, each icon appears in a six-sided squashed hexagon, so the overall appearance is more unusual than you’d think. You can see a 3-4-5-4-3 format if you look at it for a while. This means we’re getting 720 way wins rather than the standard paylines you might have expected.

A useful rhino to see charging onto the reels

The rhino is wild here, and it can occupy more than one position when it lands on the game grid. This is powerful enough to offer the chance of a multiplier, but it doesn’t come in a standard value. You may get 2x your bet on a prize, but there is a chance it could land with up to 5x on offer.

Aside from the rhino, there are plenty more animals trampling their way onto the reels too. Look out for colorful flamingoes and everything from meerkats to fearsome crocodiles as well.

A titular scatter comes in handy too

If you manage to unearth three Diamond Rhino scatter symbols, you’re heading into the free spin round. You’ll receive 15 spins there, and of course the wild rhino can stomp into view as well.

Throw in a progressive and you’re all set to play

This slot game looks different from many other recent titles from Rival. While they became famous for i-Slots that told a story, this one has moved away from that. It’s far from a bad thing though because the game is packed with lots of photographic images of animals, and that makes it look incredible compared to other slots based on similar topics.

Try Diamond Rhino today if you can find it at a participating Rival casino. There are lots of those to choose from, with many other Rival games to offer as well. Are you ready to meet the rhino head on?