How to Deposit, Withdraw and Claim Bonuses with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is today the number one cryptocurrency and reached an all-time high value recently of over $60000. Bitcoin is constructed of complex algorithms and blockchains that make it impossible to copy, ensuring the total security of every Bitcoin. Bitcoin is traded on exchanges with very tight security and identity checks necessary. Using Bitcoin is equally secure with strict restrictions and enforcement. To buy and use Bitcoin, an independent wallet needs to be set up, approved by Bitcoin. Once this has been set up, and approved Bitcoin can be bought and sold, and traded. From the Bitcoin wallet, users can send and receive funds.

Using Bitcoin at an Online or Mobile Casino

When a registered casino player wants to use Bitcoin at a casino, he needs to send funds to the casino. He needs to enter the banking area of the casino and either scan the QR code offered for direct access to Bitcoin banking or copy the address detailed for sending funds to the casino. The player then enters his Bitcoin wallet and instructs the amount he wants to send to the casino. The transfer is quick, and within a few minutes, he will find the funds in his casino account and be ready to start placing bets in Bitcoin or, at some casinos, convert the Bitcoin to USD. Withdrawing of winnings is equally straightforward and secure. Next, the player needs to check the receive mode in his Bitcoin wallet and copy this address to the casino. Once copied, he can instruct the transfer, and again it should appear in his Bitcoin wallet within a few minutes. Bitcoin is straightforward to use, and together with being super safe and secure, it is a perfect choice for online and mobile casino payments.

Bitcoin Bonuses and Promotions at Online and Mobile Casinos

Casinos offer a wide selection of exciting and different bonuses and rewards, including match-up offers, free spins, and no deposit bonuses. Bitcoin bonuses are directly related to Bitcoin deposits and can be activated with a bonus code. The Bitcoin deposit will instantly activate the match-up bonus with the correct code. It is always recommended to deposit the maximum possible to receive the maximum bonus. The funds technically belong to the player but only become the player when he has completed the playthrough. The playthrough of a bonus is the number of times the player needs to re-bet the amount given before withdrawing winnings. Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Despite many skeptics, it is a solid, worthy, and easy-to-use option for online and mobile casino play and many other online payment options and offering ATM withdrawals in some countries in USD and Euros.