How to Play Progressive Cafe Slots

Progressive slots games are played the same way as the regular slots games. However, adding a progressive jackpot gives the player more incentive and winning options. Progressive jackpots in slots games can be triggered randomly or when matching certain symbols. Several of the slots games at Cafe Casino include four different progressive jackpots awarded randomly. Every bet placed contributes to the growing progressive jackpot, and the more a player bets, the greater the jackpot rises, and the more chances are open for the player to win the progressive jackpots. Progressive slots games are played exactly like all slots games and can be tried in fun and real money mode. The fun mode is the perfect way to understand the game and learn all the features, not only the progressive jackpot. The different slots features include free spins, matching symbols, pick and win games, changing symbols, bonus trails, and bonus wheels. Wilds and scatters appear in many slots games and are used to trigger the bonuses. Aside from the progressive jackpots, another extra bonus option can be a gamble button offered at the bottom of the reels giving a chance to try and increase winnings when guessing suits and colors of cards, sides of coins, or by spinning bonus wheels. The progressive jackpots are a major part of the gaming experience and give players incentives and reasons to keep playing slots, enjoying the payouts, and feeling rewarded.