Exclusive VIP Benefits at Online Casinos for US Players

Plenty of online casinos for US players offer comp points. These are points you can collect as you make real cash wagers on the games at a casino. Once you have a certain quantity, you can convert it - either into cash or into bonus funds.

However, some casinos offer a VIP program - either instead of or in addition to the comp points element. If you're interested in knowing more, keep reading - we have some details to share with you. You'll soon know how to get the most out of a VIP club or program.

Check which casinos offer VIP programs

Most casinos make a big deal out of their VIP program, but it's not always true - some keep them a little under wraps and include them only inside the menu. So, while you may need to check whether a US casino offers its members a program of this nature, it shouldn't take long to do so.

Not all programs are the same either. Some are way more immersive than others, offering different levels and rewards. The higher you go, the better those rewards will be.

Do you automatically become a member upon signing up to the casino?

This is something that varies from one casino to the next, too. Sometimes, you'll become a VIP member when you join the casino. Other casinos require you to make your first deposit before allowing you into the club. Still more demand a certain level of play before you are considered as a member, meaning that plenty of casino members never access the club.

What kinds of benefits can a US casino player expect to see?

It depends on individual casinos, but we know that many Rival casinos do carry such programs. If you're already a member of one of these casinos and you don't know much about the program, check it out. You should find a page explaining more about it. If not, check inside your account to see what's there.

If you do not have membership of a US VIP program at your favorite casino, see whether you can find an alternative casino to join. You might be able to split your budget between two sites and play at both. Look for a site that welcomes everyone into the program, granting access the second you sign up (or at least make a manageable first deposit).

Why join a US casino with a VIP program?

It's all about the benefits, and if you spot a casino with several levels to their VIP program, you can see how many levels you can attain. The higher you go, the more bonuses you are likely to get, with bigger percentages available for bonuses or similar offers.

Bottom line, if you're in the US and you don't have membership to a casino offering such a program, make sure you change that now. You might be glad you did.