Top 5 Online Casino Games for High Rollers in the USA

While many casino players in the US stick to small wagers to play for longer, this doesn't apply to everyone. There are those who prefer to play for bigger stakes - the so-called high rollers among players.

We decided to check out the top games that are ideal for high rollers to check out. If you live in the US and you like the sound of this, read on.


There are many versions of poker you can try. As with all other games, it's essential to try them in demo mode first, which means staying away from the live casino games, at least to start with.

You can check out lots of poker variations to find one that you like and see what the minimum and maximum bets are. Head for a live casino and you will probably see high roller tables available if you want to join one of those.


Red or black and odd or even are the two easiest wagers to understand in roulette, along with placing a bet on a single number. However, there are many other possibilities to consider with varying odds.

As with poker games, many casinos offer different versions of roulette to try. Make sure you know which version you are playing and start with small stakes before considering getting into the high roller territory. Some casinos have high roller lounges to enter or VIP sections to visit that cater to this requirement.


Can you reach the magic 21? Nothing much differs between the standard version and the high roller alternative to blackjack. That said, read the rules before you begin and find a table with a betting amount that you're happy with.

High roller blackjack can offer more than one deck of cards, so watch for this variation if you decide to try this game.


Baccarat appears at most casinos, but if you spot Salon Prive, you've likely found a version of baccarat that will deliver the high stakes you are looking for. Play demos first to understand how it works and then consider your budget to see whether you might want to take part.


Can we really include slots in the high roller category? Yes, we can - not all of them, of course, but we can certainly include some for you to play. Most slots have a range of bets available, from mere pennies to hundreds of dollars.

Check the return to player and volatility levels for each game, so you can be sure of getting the best odds when placing high wagers on a qualifying slot.

Where will you begin?

Check whether a casino has a VIP area or high roller section to visit. The latter makes it easier for you to find the games that accept high wagers. From there, you can decide which game appeals most and start to get some practice in.