Top Payment Methods for Online Casinos in the USA: A Comprehensive Guide

Visiting online casinos targeting people in the US is quite an experience. Some offer the smallest handful of payment methods, while others have a list far longer than you might imagine. But is quantity always the top consideration?

We find out more about payment methods here - which ones you might see and other aspects you need to consider before signing up to any casino.

Credit and debit cards

Don't merely go by the logo - check whether methods such as Mastercard and Visa are available as credit cards only, or whether you can use the debit card version instead.

Be aware of potential fees when using these methods. Fortunately, US online casinos are typically clear on such aspects. They're not the fastest way to withdraw funds, so you may wish to select another method for that purpose, but they are safe to use.

Prepaid card methods

The most famous of these is likely paysafecard, although there are others that work on a similar model. The idea is that you can buy funds on the card at a local venue. You then transfer the funds from the card to your casino account.


Neteller ranks among the most familiar for lots of casino players throughout the States. Skrill is another popular method you'll find at many casinos.


You can bet that Bitcoin is top of the list here, but many casinos list other cryptocurrencies for you to use too. Bitcoin is the default in most cases, but more sites are offering other cryptocurrencies too. In some cases, you might find a casino bases itself on these payment options and does not provide any others.

Can you use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals?

You'd think the answer would be yes, but it's not assured. There are lots of casinos that provide a smaller quantity of methods to consider when withdrawing rather than depositing. The convenience of using one method for both might be important for you, but if not, choose the methods that work best for each purpose.

How long do withdrawals take to complete?

Cards tend to take the longest time, although transfers are still quick. Crypto methods are usually the fastest way to receive your funds. We suggest checking the banking or cashier pages at your chosen casino, so you can check potential timings there. Remember that if you are requesting your first withdrawal, you'll need to provide any paperwork or proof of ID required from the site before they can process your withdrawal.