Ignition Poker Delivers the Goods

Straight - and to the point. It's easy to see why Ignition Poker is such a draw in the online space; with its clear and decisive interface, you can easily see and navigate to precisely what games interest you first. There's an impressive $2,000 Welcome Bonus that lets you use House cash to see how your luck and skill play out in the numerous Poker Tournaments once inside. Because of the high interest in this most popular Table Game, we run down a small selection of the most popular Tournaments.

Ignition Poker Tournaments

  • The first Poker Tournament available at Ignition is for a whopping $2 million of total prize money that is awarded weekly to winners. These include daily prizes of up $25,000 on a single round of Poker, as well as smaller sums of around $5,000 and $8,000 - more than enough to make playing a worthwhile endeavor. Al you have to do to get started is download the Ignition Casino software and sign up. You don't want to miss the Sunday Poker free-for-all, where almost half-a-million dollars are handed out to lucky winners before the day is over.
  • The $100K Poker Tournament is yet another big draw - and it's quite understandable why. With cheap seat buy-ins as low as $1, you can put yourself in a position to take home a life-changing $100,000! Check out the Ignition Casio website to find out more information regarding the cheap seats, the guaranteed tournaments, the semifinals and the so-called "last chance qualifiers" that occur on Sunday. For less than the cost of a meal, you could be in the running for that $100K.
  • The Mad Monday Poker entrée serves as a welcome introduction to the beginning of the week. The prize pot varies from several thousand dollars up to a huge $100,000 win, with the Mini Main Event shelling out $50,000 to the lucky winners that comprise the prize pool. As the day wears on towards evening, be aware that the no late registration period approaches after 10:30 pm - specifically, at 10:49 pm for the final $5,000 and then $20,000 Tournaments. Sign up and try your hand.
  • And now, we come to the high-octane Sit and Go Tournaments at Ignition Casino. You'll be playing Omaha and Texas Hold'em in this Tournament and anywhere between two to 45 players can join you at your discretion. The buy-in amounts vary widely - they can be as little as $1.10, or as high as $215. Enjoy the excitement with sub-games like Double and Triple Up, Hyper Turbo, Turbo and Deep Stack.

Ignition Poker Promotions

To give you even more reasons to download the software and play today, Ignition has a number of poker promotions that put starting cash in your pockets. There's the Swap Your Poker Points promotion, for example, which lets you convert the Poker Points you rack up into real money for games at a rate of 200 points for $1. You have to use these to play more games; but keep in mind that your next $100,000 may be just around the corner for a mere $2 buy-in. The maximum number of Poker Points you canc ash in per month is 5,000,000.

Next up is the Bade Beat Poker Bonus, which can grant you $1,000 for more gaming if you're on a losing streak but can manage a Bad Beat Bonus of 100X - it all depends on the cards you get. See the Ignition Casino website for more details, and the restrictions on the games you must be playing to be eligible for the Bad Beat Bonus.

The Royal Flush Bonus is another promotion that helps you line your pockets with casino cash. It's also known as the powerhouse hand, and you can only get it during a game of Texas Hold 'em. It doesn't work in tournament play, however. The exact requirements to hit the Royal Flush are detailed on the Ignition Casino website. For example, at least three players have to be dealt into the current pot, two pocket cards should be in play, and yours must be the winning hand.

The above represent just the tip of the iceberg when considering Ignition Poker. The varieties rival those available at any other online gaming casino - come to this one to see how your luck holds out this year. Ignition is opened for business!

Play More with Quick Seat

Ignition Casino makes it easier than ever to get into a card game as soon as you reach the poker room, which is perfect for players that prefer short gaming sessions. It offers Quick Seat technology that puts players in games much faster than standard poker rooms for near-instant action.

Play Hands More Quickly with Zone Poker

Ignition Poker offers players a new way to play their favorite poker games and it's called Zone Poker. In Zone Poker you are actually transported from one table to the next each time that you fold your hand. That means that you can get back into the action instantly and you don't have to spend time waiting for the remaining players at the table to play out their hands. Stop waiting and start playing more hands with this unique feature.

Gamble on the Go with Excellent Mobile Support

Stop sitting at home just to play poker and start enjoying heated hands of your favorite card game while on the go as well. Ignition Poker offers excellent mobile support, making it possible to gamble from anywhere that you go. Hop on your smartphone or tablet and play through a few rounds of poker while on the bus or on the train. Enjoy poker at your friend's house and play the game everywhere that you like without being tied down to a full-sized computer.

Switch Card Designs

Switch up the design of the cards that you use in your poker matches and enjoy a whole new look to your games anytime you like. You have complete control over the style of your cards and you can make them look different than what other players see. Stop staring at boring standard playing cards and make things more interesting with this design feature.

Develop Skill By Looking Through Past Hands

One of the best ways to improve your game is to look at past hands and figure out mistakes that you made along the way. At Ignition Poker you can always go through your hand history after a play session. Do this regularly and figure out how to transform your game to begin playing better. Look over your hand history often enough and you'll begin to pick out patterns and should start winning more regularly.

Ignition Poker is a state-of-the-art poker room online and offers all the most important features to help you play your best and to help you enjoy each and every poker session that you're involved in. If you want to get the most out of online poker, it makes sense to play at Ignition.