Halloween Slots

Halloween is one of the best and most popular holidays when it comes to releasing new themed slot games. Every year come the beginning of October we begin to see a slew of new slots released that use this theme. We're not surprised by this either, as many of those games grow into favorites among our team.

Here are our top reasons why we don't let go of those freaky slots when Halloween is over.

Many of the characters are timeless

We know that Halloween is perfect for slot games to reveal witches, ghouls, ghosts, and pumpkins galore. But while pumpkins are seasonal, many other features you see in Halloween slots are good to play all through the year.

Ghosts aren't unique to October 31st, for example. Many people say they have seen ghosts or ghouls - and it doesn't always happen at the end of October each year…

They supply a darker theme

Of course, some Halloween slot games base their themes on a comical style. Some of the witches and monsters we have seen are cute rather than scary. However, you can find some cool and dark themes going around too.

If you want to play a more dramatic slot game, these games often fit the bill. In the depths of winter or even during the summer months, you might still like the tone set by the average Halloween online slot.

They can reveal fascinating features

You can never guarantee that you'll find bonus features in any slot game, regardless of the theme it revolves around. However, you can find bonuses in plenty of Halloween slots.

The darker and freakier theme supplies lots of inspiration for such features. Free spins might give you something different to try, but the bonus potential that comes with pumpkins, monsters, and other Halloween classics is there to see.

The best Halloween slots are ideal for year-round play

Even though we connect pumpkins with fall and Halloween carving competitions, the rest of the icons you'll see in these slots fit with any time of the year. Once you find some of your favorite slots in this category, we think you'll find it as difficult as we do to limit yourself to playing them only at the end of October.