Demon's Delight Slots

In my opinion, some of the creepiest animations are old cartoons meant for children. You'd be surprised what kids were subjected to back then. Maybe it's just the natural passage of time and human nature that makes us find old things eery. Either way, this Rival Gaming slot took its inspiration from the past and brought it into the modern computer age, with graphics that look straight out of the 1940s. This game is perfect for the spooky season too! So if October comes around and you want to play something a little different than your classic Halloween style slot while still relishing in the darkness of autumn, this game should be at the top of your list. Demons Delight is a twisted, dark themed slot that puts its own unique twist on the classic fruit machine. This game is considered a medium to high volatility slot, so the payouts are semi frequent and when they do occur, they'll be very lucrative. The minimum bet you can place is 0.01 per spin, and the maximum bet is 75 coins per spin.

If you've ever seen the Betty Boop cartoon where she goes to hell, you can probably guess where some of the inspiration for Demons Delight came from. Of course, Betty Boop isn't the only 2D figure to deal with demonic creatures throughout their cartoon adventures, so Demon's Delight also draws inspiration from Disney and Looney tunes. Something that I really loved about Demon's Delight was the sheer originality of it all. For most slot games, I can usually think of a few other games to compare them to stylistically. Demons Delight is actually one of a kind, as I've never seen a slot machine with such a theme. In this game, hell is reimagined and looks a bit less threatening. The demons themselves are far more playful. There is a temple of sorts that has been consumed by flames and there are several creatures like skulls, bullets, cats and dogs, cherries, and more. The lowest paying symbols are represented by the heart, spade, club and diamond. This game can be played for real money from the convenience of your own laptop or smartphone. It's compatible with most smartphones whether you use an IOS device or an Android. It can also be played in demo mode, which is perfect for indecisive players who might want to test the game out before investing any of their hard earned cash. Even if you're betting mere pennies per spin, most players want to know how the game is going to play out.


Demons Delight isn't just about the vividly spectacular graphics. However, it would be way too easy to focus my review on the graphics only because there's so much to talk about. However, this game also has excellent features. For one, you can bet on some expanding wild symbols to make an appearance. The expanding wild symbol looks like a cartoon character being sucked into the flames in a comedic yet creepy style. These inventive and ominous wilds will award you special payouts, and even offer you seven free spins when three of them land on the board. Plus, during your free spins rounds, the dice shaped symbols will appear. These will force Chip to attack and weaken the demon you've battled. If you manage to trigger this feature seven times, you'll be able to take home the jackpot.


We all have demons to fight, and this game takes that metaphor to the next level. Battle creatures from hell and take home cash prizes. This game was excellent, original and not to mention visually one of the most memorable slots I've ever come across.