Sensational Sixes Slots

There is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned classic slots machines, and Sensational Sixes by Rival Gaming is a pure and excellent example of one. Many modern players have a tendency to dismiss such games, preferring the more exciting, dynamic and feature-filled, 5-reel video slots that developers tend to release these days. The straightforward gameplay of these old mechanical game title, on modern online slot games, is designed to emulate that style with a charm of its own. Besides, new versions of these kinds of traditional games tend to have a few surprises up their sleeves to keep you entertained.

About the game and developer

Sensational Sixes by Rival Gaming is all about retro style and gameplay, from the artwork and graphics, that looks like they came out of the past to the design. But that does not mean that you cannot have plenty of fun and win some big payouts with the game, as there are quite a few little extras thrown in. The three extra include wild multiplier symbols that give you the chance of transforming your wins into a mini jackpot prizes to collect. You will discover the elegant, sophisticated 1930's style Sensational Sixes slots which offer a great game theme, engaging backdrop, and sophisticated amalgamation of exciting elements prevalent during the golden era. The game is all the tenser because of the Great Depression theme when gambling was an escape from the mundane and depressing landscape of the time.

Theme and Game design

If you are a fan of the unique Art Deco style as it used to exist in the roaring 1920s, then you are in luck, as Sensational Sixes video slot is merely oozing with a classic design. Grey and black patterned backgrounds give way to gilded, stylish reels, and the on-screen text uses a blocky font style, strongly associated with that period in time. Some of the game symbols light up a bit, and there is a fast, light musical track, but you should not expect any fancy sequences or flashy effects. In many ways, though, the game is as modern as they come. You can enjoy this mobile-optimised title on any device they like, thanks to a no download interface that ensures compatibility with most modern operating systems and mobile devices as possible. You can set your coin sizes from a vast range of options, and while the maximum bet of €30, or similar in other currencies, may not break into the high roller realm, there are definitely enough upper limit and lower limit options for most players. You can try a play for free versions if you want like to test the slot machine out before you wager any real money. The 1930s was a time of innocence, and alcohol and gambling were banned across the USA, players turned to the underground. These clubs served cheap alcohol imported illegally by trucks from across the border in Canada, and they mushroomed across the USA and were the only places that gambling was practised at the time. Nonetheless, these illegal clubs became a paradise for gamblers and casino players with table games like poker, blackjack and roulette ruling the roost. Games such as baccarat also started to become famous as more players became attracted to the exciting high tension gambling the games provides.

Slot game type, Pay lines, Betting options and Paytable

With a classic layout of 3 reels, there is plenty of action, and the game will be of interest to a vast range of slots players. This 3 reel slot machine with unique style affords the ideal backdrop to play and win. You get all the classic gaming symbols from a bygone era, which still influence modern casino games today. The game icons light up on your screen, and symbols such as BAR's, spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs can be found amongst others. The layout is very clear and easy to understand, which makes for a fantastic retro feel and gameplay.

Bonus features

Sensational Sixes slots has an impressive multiplier feature with 3 super Wild Icons. They have 2x, 3x as well as 4x multipliers and getting all 3 Wilds, will win you the jackpot prize. The overall experience playing Sensational Sixes slots is an immersive one, and the game manages to take one back to the past and recreate the mood and atmosphere of the 1930s. At the same time, Sensational Sixes slots is grounded in the present with many modern features and various ways to win.

Game RTP, rating and slot game winners

Sensational Sixes slots is a Jackpot themed game that was developed and released by Rival Powered. A 3-reels action slot with just 1 pay line, the betting starting from $0.01 to $30.00 coins, and the jackpot prize rises to 90,000 coins. Sensational Sixes slots has an average RTP of 94.46%, and the volatility level is medium. The House edge of Sensational Sixes slots is 5.54%. There have been a few players wining big on the game, and the payout are frequently modest, and if you stick it out, you can win some impressive payouts in the long run.

Play for fun with demo play, or for real money

Why not try out Sensational Sixes slots for free using the demo play mode? You can quickly learn how to win the game and how to win, so when you switch to real money betting, you will be well prepared with a better chance of winning. You can try out all the special features and bonus rounds of the game for free before you decide on signing up at one of our recommended casinos and try winning some real cash.

Mobile play for Android and iOS

You can play the slot game on your mobile device, as this slot game has been streamlined and speciality optimised for mobile gaming. The slot works on all modern mobile devices and operating systems, serving up a fantastic mobile experience. The game is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices for a gratifying and innovative mobile experience. The game loads up quickly and as long as you have a reliable and stable WiFi connection, that is all you need.