Doo-wop Daddy-O Slots

Doo-wop Daddy-O Slots takes you back to a time when the boys were really cool and the girls were real cuties. It is the charming time of the 1950s when crisp looking girls served ice-cream shakes on roller skates to drag-racing greasers in leather jackets. It was also the swinging dedicated in which rock & roll was born and the typical authentic American diners where the place to hang out.

After the war-torn 1940s, the future finally looked bright again. People were positive and everyone was working hard to build his or her own American dream. And now things can start to look good for you as well, because when you play this game and start to win big amounts, then you can live your own dream life.

But first you have to live the American one on the slot reels, and that is certainly an enjoyable thing to do, because this game is stuffed with some very familiar (American) looking items from the 1950s. For example, on the reel spots, you will see roller skates, vinyl records and jukeboxes.

Make sure you don't miss a chance to play this never out of style slot machine title from developer Rival Gaming, because it is made to rock your socks of in a charming and fashionable 1950s style. And it isn’t only the look of this game that will have a positive impact on those who play it, because it will also speed up the profit making process thanks to its sparkling package of high gear bonus features.

The Looks of the Game and What Can You Do with It

This game has a colorful, retro looking design that really makes the 1950s come to life on the screen. Enjoy spinning sessions that place typical icons from that era on the reels, and make bet and/or game adjustments with the coin value determining plus and minus keys, the 'select coins' button, the 'select lines' button, the 'bet max' key and the 'auto' function.

How to Claim Wins That Are Displayed on the Paytable

Check out the game's paytable to have a better understanding about all of the available symbols and the matching payouts that you can make with them when they are properly lined up on the reels. Successful symbol rows must contain matching icons, and they need to be formed on payline that are active. Starting from the left side, the symbols need to be lined up in a consecutive order. Combinations of at least three matching symbols trigger the lowest payouts, while five matching symbols in a successful row will grant the biggest benefits.

The Wins That You Can Make with Non-Feature Symbols

The cool looking dude in the leather jacket holds the top position on the paytable with his maximum reward of 1000 credits. The fashionable looking blond girl is the second highest paying non-feature symbol with her top reward of 300 credits. Then there is the older man with the red bow tie who is able to hand you a maximum of 200 credits. The dark haired girl in the pink dress follows close behind with her top win of 150 credits, and the pink poodle makes it possible to win a 100 credits.

Roll on with the next item on the paytable, which is a 75 credits paying roller skate. Then tune in for some more cash wins with the jukebox and its top prize of 65 credits or the vinyl records with their 50 credit high reward. These are all the non-feature symbols, but if you prefer to win extra special rewards, then you should also try to spin the wild, the scatter and the bonus icons on the five available slot reels from this game.

Play It Sweet and Play It Hot to Trigger the Bonus Rounds

This slot machine game doubles up on the bonus game fun. Bonus round number one is triggered by three or more tasty sweet milkshake icons and is called the soda fountain bonus feature. The other one, which is called the drag race bonus feature, is a activated by a minimum of three flaming hot truck attributes.

Hop on the Motorcycle for a Scatter Ride

Just as that you can play it cool on a 4 wheel vehicle and trigger a bonus round, you can also impress all the female cutie pies when you come chasing down the reels on your scatter motorcycle. It does not matter where you end up with this bike on the reels, because it will pay you out no matter if it hits a payline or not. And when it activates a win, then you should hope that many lines are active at that moment, because the number of activated winlines determines how high your scatter win multiplier is going to be.

Complete Winning Combinations with the Wild Logo

The neatly designed, 50s style wild logo will be able to help you out when a winning symbol combination needs to be formed. Combinations can be completed by one or multiple wilds, which are able to take on the identity of the reel attributes that are needed in order to make a successful symbol row. Additionally, you can also make rows with wilds only. This can be potentially very lucrative as a row of 5 wilds comes with a prize of no less than 15000 coins.

Take a Valuable Trip Back in Time with Doo-Wop Daddy-O Slots

Taking a trip back into time does not only teach you valuable lessons about the past, but it can also earn you valuable profits if you play a game like Doo-wop Daddy-O Slots. The 1950s decade was great time to be alive. However, if you were not there to enjoy it, then grab this unique opportunity to get a glimpse of it and makes some money while you do so. Go on this old-school spinning trip today and make the best of it with your spins and wins.