Japan-O-Rama Slots

Many amazing things arise from the land of the rising sun all the way in the Far East. And thanks to Japan-O-Rama Slots from Rival Gaming, you are now able to enjoy these things in an entertaining online casino gambling setting. Once you start to play this virtual slot machine game, you will easily recognize many of the typical Japanese items and persons that show themselves on its five slot reel spots.

For example, some of them are the robot, the bullet train, pieces of sushi and the mobile phone. In addition, the sumo wrestler, Godzilla, the samurai sword and the geisha are special icons in the game. They will give extra benefits such as jackpot prizes and free spins. Read on to find out more about these symbols and others.

A complete look at the Japan-O-Rama Slots Reel Attributes

There are eight non-feature symbols in this game and four special ones. The eight non-feature icons in their respective payout order are the ninja, the robot, the Japanese girl, the bullet train, the game console, the kitty, the mobile phone and the pieces of sushi. The special symbols are the free spins and win multiplier-triggering geisha, the expanding wild launching Godzilla, the jackpot prize rewarding samurai sword and the bonus round launching sumo wrestler.

The Ninja is the highest paying non-feature icon with its top prize of 600 credits. The jackpot reward is worth a 1000 credits. The Geisha girl gives away five free spins in exchange for a three times symbol combination, 10 free spins for a four piece combination and no less than 20 free spins if you make the top combination of five similar geisha icons.

Experience the Many wonders of Japan on Your Game Screen

If you are super fond of everything that has found its origin in the beautiful country of Japan, and if you are equally happy about gambling and receiving cash rewards, then there is simply no better way to satisfy your needs then by spinning the colorful and flashy reels of Japan-O-Rama Slots.

Thanks to this game, you do not have to travel all the way to Japan, but instead, you can just enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer from your home or your mobile device. All that you have to do is locate a Rival Gaming powered online casino that has this game on offer, and you are all set and ready to go on an Asian gambling adventure that is able to reward you with great cash rewards.