Johnny Jungle and The Hidden Temple Slots

A real adventure slot if ever there was one. Johnny Jungle takes you on a quest for hidden treasure in the temple. The whole theme is a dream of creation, which merged perfectly with casino action and chances to win. The idea is perfect because finding hidden treasure is a secret obsession for many people, and has been since time immemorial. The casino features are here too with bonuses, free spins, Wild features and a whole lot more.

Casino Gaming Action: Run through the Jungle

Deep at heart, Johnny Jungle is a casino game with all the gambling features players have come to expect. There are 5 Reels along with 25 Pay Lines upon which to wager. There is a Free Spins bonus round, which is activated by getting three Wild Monkey symbols. These become ‘sticky’ to attract winning combinations and increase the winning chances even more. The game is available in Download and Instant Play versions to offer the best options for players. Johnny Jungle is available in free play, to allow players to practice before wagering real money. The betting options are wide ranging due to the varied coin sizes and betting limits. This slot will appeal to novices, particularly with the practice mode. It will also appeal to high-rollers as the potential payouts can be pretty high.

Jungle Symbols

Johnny Jungle and the Hidden Temple has a collection of thematic symbols, which appear on the reels as they spin. Besides the Monkey symbol, you will encounter high paying icons such as Golden Coins, Idols and Statues, various Exploration Equipment, Orchids and more. The lower paying icons include staple card symbols, numbers nine and ten, along with Jack, Queen, King and Ace picture cards.

The symbols and game as a whole are loosely based on the Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider stories, with similar style and characterisation. You need to explore the ancient ruins and chambers to find that elusive, well-hidden treasure and lost city. Do not despair as the action hero has the best chance of winning.

Superb Mobile Version

There is a super optimised version of Johnny Jungle for mobile devices. You can enjoy the game on your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. The game’s graphics are out of this world with the clarity afforded by modern mobile devices. Using earphones completes the immersive atmosphere and transports you to another world. A world where dreams can come true, treasures can be found, and fortunes can be made.


Johnny Jungle and the Hidden Temple offers an excellent gaming experience second to none and superior to most. The gambling action together with the classic theme will attract many followers and aficionados of adventure stories in the vein of Indiana Jones and the Saturday matinee heroes of the past that he is based on. The free spins add value, and the bonuses contribute winning opportunities by the truckload. The game delivers on every front and manages to create that something special players crave in a slot game. Johnny Jungle can be recommended wholeheartedly, as it provides excellent casino action laced with a boyhood dream of a theme, which certainly appeals to the ‘boy’ in every man, and ‘girl’ in every woman. Try it out for yourself and enter the lost world to find the hidden treasure with Johnny through the jungle.