Majestic Mermaid Slots

Majestic Mermaid is a magical game based on the world's most seductive sea creatures. I can't think of anything that evokes more beauty and mystery in the ocean than mermaids do. While mermaids are thought to be an old sailor's myth, they continue to be an exciting concept to explore in film, artwork and now slot games. This is hardly the first mermaid themed slot to come out in recent years, but I was eager to see what exactly kind of mermaid game this software developer would produce. Let's just say, I was not disappointed. This game is available to play in demo mode, so you can test it out for free before making any bets. It's smartphone compatible and allows players to wager a plethora of different amounts. Rival is responsible for the publishing of this visually alluring slot. It's played on five reels and four rows, and features an array of gorgeous creatures. There are mermaids, sea creatures and other hidden treasures waiting for players brave enough to explore the deep blue. This game has 25 total pay lines, and the betting range is wide enough to accommodate just about any player. You can bet as little as $0.40 per spin or bet $100 per spin. It's up to you!

The artwork was positively stunning. Our main mermaid has huge, cartoonish eyes and gorgeous red hair. She wears a starfish as a hair clip and has a shell bra. In some ways, her design reminds me of The Little Mermaid, and I do wonder if the point of the design was to mimic that style of mermaid since it's been so popular lately. Some mermaid games cater more to the male gaze, but I'd say this game is better suited for anyone.

Special Features

This game has two special modes. There's the normal play mode, and there's the lock and load mode. There are also several thrill special features to try as well. There are wild symbols for example, and the wild symbols will substitute for any other regular symbol and form a winning line. These symbols will not replace the scatter symbol however. The highest multiplier in a win line is applied.

The scatter symbols will award a payout also when they show up anywhere on the screen. They don't even need to land on a particular pay line. The scatter win symbols will be multiplied by the number of current active lines. There are also the free spin rounds. If you land there to five free spin symbols on the screen, you'll trigger the Lock and Load feature. The Lock and Load is a re-spins bonus game that is also activated and features prize symbols and power up symbols. If you're lucky enough to trigger three or more scatters, you'll trigger the Lock & Load bonus. You'll receive three re-spins. The prize symbols and power up symbols that land will stick in place and reset the remaining re-spins to three.


Gorgeous graphics, unique special features and a tranquil underwater theme that is pleasing to the eye. It was hard for me to find anything I disliked about this game. If you're a fan of any mermaid themed slot, you'll find Majestic Mermaid to be in the top tier of mermaid themed slot games out there. I expected nothing less from Rival however. Rival is one of the most inventive software development companies in recent years, constantly putting out incredible games that are sometimes overlooked compared to other companies like Betsoft. All I know is that Majestic Mermaid was a special experience. I'd give it 10 out of 10 stars!