Opera Night Slots

Care to go out for a night on the opera? Now’s your chance thanks to Rival Gaming’s Opera Nights Slots. All the glamour, drama, intrigue and of course the sopranos, are waiting for you when it comes to Opera Nights. Opera Nights is a five reel slot with 20 pay lines. There is a super round bonus round, a jackpot, a lovely wild and a free spins round. Opera Nights has it all. Great, classical music, an engaging game play, and yes, even the traditional fat lady singing. Rival Gaming is proud to present to you, Opera Nights Slots.

Why Rival Gaming Is Untouchable

There are many delightful gaming engines, but there is only one Rival Gaming. You can even make the argument that Rival Gaming has no rival. They continue to make their bread and butter when it comes to developing visually stunning five reel slot games, that comes with bonus rounds and free spins. Taking full advantage of the flash engine, there is next to no loss on their games, especially when it comes to Opera Nights Slots. You can either play it online, or you can download it to your computer or the mobile device of your choice.

Playing Some Practice Rounds

There is no pressure to make a real bet when you are playing Opera Nights Slots. Take your time and get the feel of the game before you make your bet. All of the game’s features and functions are available in the demo round, but you won’t be able to win any real money.

A True Opera Theme

A night out at the world’s famous opera is there for the taking when it comes to Opera Nights Slots. Everything that has to do with opera, is right here for Opera Nights Slots. You can even find world class tenors and sopranos. All of the icons, images and the reels are all operatic.

A Slick Game Design

Opera Nights takes place right on the stage, red curtains and all. It is a very user friendly slot game as well. The spin button and the auto play buttons are right on the game screen should you decide to place your bets on your own, or set them up through auto play mode. There is even a pay table icon, pay line arrows and coin size buttons, plus and options button if you want to adjust the game settings.

A Special Opera

There is a lot going on in this dynamo of an opera slot. There is a jackpot, a bonus round and even a free spins round. There is no progressive jackpot, however, but that doesn’t mean you can’ stand to win some nice prizes and cash elsewhere.

What About The Pay Lines

Again, Opera Nights is a five reel slot with 20 pay lines. You can easily adjust the number of pay lines you wish to wager on by using the pay line arrows. Bet on one, in the middle or all at once through the max bet button. Once you’ve decided on the number of pay lines you want to wager, the next decision is to place your own bet or set it up through auto play mode.

Making Your Bet

Get your bet right too through the usage of the coin size buttons. The coin values go up by five cent increments. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning is a penny. The max bet per spin is $50. You can easily bet the max as well by pressing the max bet button.

Sing A Tune With The Pay Table

Whenever you need to brush up on the game icons and their values, all you have to do is press the pay table button and there you go with the game icons and their values. There are many high profile icons that pay out nicely, but there are a handful that are quite noteworthy to talk about. The singing tenor is the game’s jackpot symbol. Filling an entire reel with him will pay out the jackpot amount of 750 credits. The lovely soprano is the game’s wild symbol. When she lands, she will quadruple your winning combination. She will pay out 5,000 credits for getting five on the pay line. The fat lady is the bonus icon. She is responsible for triggering the bonus round. The conductor is the scatter symbol and the one that will get you into the free spins round.

Getting Into The Bonus Round

There is more than one bonus round when it comes to Opera Nights Slots. Three of the fat lady icons during the super bonus round, will put you into a unique bonus where you must guide the fat lady on the right path to shatter the glass. The super bonus round is initiated by the drop icon landing in the free spins round. When three or more of him drops, he will vanish, and new icons will land in its place, offering even larger wins.

What About The Free Spins Round?

To get into the free spins round, you must get at least three of the scatter symbols to land. In fact, the more of the conductor that lands, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Three will five you eight free spins. Four will shell out 16, while five will pay out 64 free spins. During the free spins round, you will gain a nice winning multiplier. And should the Carmen wild land, she will act as an 8 times winning multiplier.

A Nice Return To Player

Losing comes with the territory when playing Opera Nights. The more you wager, however, the more you will eventually get back in winnings.

Is There A Rating?

Opera Nights does not have an official rating. There is no mature content. It is nice clean fund and easy to play and fall in love with.

Could You Be The Next Winner

You might want to consider putting on your tuxedo. When playing Opera Nights, you might just become the next big winner. Depending on the online casino you are playing it at, you just might find your name in big headlines at the online casino.

Just Playing Around

You can play some practice rounds when it comes to Opera Nights. You might even be able to find some third party promotions like no deposits and free spins promotions so you can play for free and win real money.

Making A Real Bet

The online casino that you are playing Opera Nights at, is bound to have many ways for you to make a deposit. The normal methods are credit and debit cards. In some cases, you might even be able to use Bitcoin to make your deposits.

Going To The Opera On The Go

Opera Nights is a cutting edge slot that is fully equipped to perform without a hitch on the mobile device of your choice. It cross platforms on all the major smart devices and even on laptops. All you have to do is logon to your account, choose Opera Nights, and enjoy the show. Rival Gaming is proud to present to you the power and the mystique of the opera, right in the palm of your hand with Opera Nights.