Volatility Slot Games

How volatile do you like your slot games to be? Some people prefer games that carry a lower degree of risk. They prefer games that pay out quite often, while keeping the winning amounts quite low.

We’re not all like that though. You may prefer playing games that are higher on the volatility scale. If so, we’ve got three things you should watch out for when you find some high volatility games to think of playing.

High potential payouts

Look at the pay table for your chosen game. If you can see some high-value prizes in there, chances are you’ve found a high volatility game. Just remember, those prizes won’t be triggered very often. Mind you, if you manage to trigger one, it could deliver a huge win.

Plenty of features to get excited about

The nature of one of these games means prizes don’t come along that often. That means the software developer must do all they can to keep people playing. These aren’t the games to play for five minutes here, 10 minutes there. You’re unlikely to win anything in a short time playing them.

So, you can expect free spins, bonus features, wilds, scatters, on-reels features… you name it, they’ll fit plenty of drama and excitement into these games. That is good news for you as the games will be more entertaining thanks to those features.

Some cool jackpot potential

There are prizes… and then there are big prizes. Many high variance slots will include a progressive jackpot, sometimes more than one. This type of jackpot doesn’t always indicate you’ll have a higher spin bet to work with, but that can be the case. Always make sure you are happy with the bet amount you would play per spin on any game, no matter the variance.

While some games might offer 5,000 or even 10,000 coins as the highest prize, others offer thousands – even millions – of dollars as a prize. A progressive jackpot isn’t necessarily an indication of a high volatility slot, but it can be another factor to consider.

You can see there are lots of things to watch out for whenever these games appear. If you are undecided about your volatility preferences, check out a few free games to try in demo mode first. They will give you a better understanding of how often (or not) prizes might appear in each case.

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