Pub Crawlers Slots

Roaches and bugs, not humans, are the ones making the toast when it comes to Pub Crawlers Slots. Rival Gaming decides to shake things up by inserting these charming and tipsy turvy bugs as the main characters in this five reel game. And while they may not be people, that doesn’t mean there isn’t attention to detail when it comes to Pub Crawlers. There are multiple bonus rounds and a free spins bonus round to be enjoyed. When it comes to developing a highly interesting, rewarding and out of the box game, you can always count on Rival Gaming, especially with Pub Crawlers.

More About Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is truly in a class all of its own when it comes to developing visually stunning games. In fact, that is major hallmark when it comes to their five reel slots. Taking full advantage of the flash engine, Rival Gaming is able to pack in nice and exciting bonus round and free spins into their games. And also thanks to flash, you will be able to either play them straight online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device, like Pub Crawlers.


There is absolutely no rush to place a real bet when playing Pub Crawlers. Rival has away of making their games demo friendly. Take in all the sights and wonders of Pub Crawlers and become familiar with it before making a real bet. The games options and function can be played and discovered, but you won’t be able to win real money.

A Bog Lover Theme

As the name suggests, bugs and insects rule the roost here. All of the details, graphics and icons are all about roaches having a good time. The game is actually a retro themed game at that.

The Design Is Quite Nice

It is easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the bugs at Pub Crawlers. It is still a highly functional and easy slot game to play. Everything your need to maneuver, is right there on the game screen. There is an auto play button, max bet button and a spin button. There are pay line arrows and coin size buttons. Throw in a pay table button and options button where you can adjust the game settings and functions, and you become set to have a nice virtual night on the town with the bugs themselves.

A Special Type Of Slot Game

Pub Crawlers has many bonus rounds that are worthwhile, plus a jackpot icon and an interesting wild. There is also a free spins round. There is no progressive jackpot, but there is an in game jackpot that can be won, plus many ways to put together a nice winning multiplier to boost your stock.

The Pay Lines

Pub Crawlers is a five reel game that comes with 20 pay lines that centers squarely on the bugs. You can easily adjust the number of pay lines you wish to wager through the usage of the pay line arrows. Or you can bet on the max by pressing the max bet button. Once you’ve decided, all you have to do is make your own bet or use auto play mode.

Making Your Bet

And just like you can adjust the pay lines, you can very easily tweak the coin size you wish to make your wager through the coin size buttons. The values are in increments of a nickel, going all the way to a quarter. The minimum bet stands at a penny to get the reels spinning. The maximum bet per spin is $50.

It’s All In The Pay Table

Whenever you need to go over the game icons and their respective values, all you have to do is press the pay table button and voila. There are a lot of friendly icons with great amounts. Some of the key icons are the mobster spider which is the jackpot symbol. Manage to get all five of him on the pay line, will result in the top amount of 2,000 credits. There is the wild butterfly which can lead up to a four times winning multiplier. There is the busy bee, and the tick. To score a winning combination, you must get three of a kind of a like symbol to land on the reel, from the left of the reel to the right. The scorpion is the scatter symbol which can lead up to nice winning multipliers during regular game play.

Getting Into The Bonus

To get into the bonus round, you will need to get at least three of busy bee playing pool to land on the reel while playing in the free spins round. In the super round, you will throw darts onto the board for prizes. Keep in mind that the wild multiplier in this bonus round will go as high as eight times. There is also the drop feature which gets accessed by getting three of the ticks to land on the reel. When this happens, the ticks will disappear and new icons will fall in its place for larger rewards.

Don’t Forget About The Free Spins

There are a lot of free spins to be played here at Pub Crawlers. To get into the regular free spins round, you will need to get at least three of the scorpion to land on the reels. In fact, the more of the scorpions that land, the greater the amount of free spins you will play with. Three scatters will grant you seven free spins. Four shells out 15 free spins and five will reward you with 40 free spins. And while in free spins mode, you can win additional free spins by getting another trio of scatter symbols.

The Return To Player

It’s hard to find anyone that likes to lose, but losing comes with the territory when it comes to making bets with Pub Crawlers. Don’t lose heart when you lose. The more you bet, the more you will get back in return. Feel free to make your bets.

What Is The Rating?

There is no official rating when it comes to Pub Crawlers Slots. It is nice, good and clean fun.

Become The Next Big Winner

Rival Gaming enjoys making those who play their games into big winners. Who knows, you might become the next big winner when it comes to playing Pub Crawlers Slot at the online casino you are playing it at.

Take Your Time Playing

Before you are ready to lay down an actual bet, play some practice rounds. If luck is on your side, you might find some no deposit and free spins codes to be used with Pub Crawlers. Without wagering a single cent, you might stand to win real money.

Making A Real Bet

Whatever online casino you are playing Pub Crawlers at, you are bound to have many options to make your deposit so you can make your bets. The usual methods include credit cards, and sometimes Bitcoin.

Playing On The Go

Pub Crawlers is a state of the art slot game in more ways than one. It is fully optimized to play seamlessly on today’s major smart phones, tablets and even laptops. Right in the palm of your hand, you can stand to win big and have a good time with Pub Crawlers Slots. All you have to do is login at the online casino hosting this game, and away you go.