Wheel of Cash Slots

There are somethings that come and go, and then there are things that are meant to last. Game shows are one of those things are meant to last. To help keep the spirit alive with the game show, Rival Gaming has come up with yet another gem of a slot game in the form of Wheel Of Cash Slots. Wheel Of Cash Slots is a five reel game that features 20, lucrative pay lines full of riches, wealth and fun. Who needs the Wheel Of Fortune, when you can build your own fortune with Wheel Of Cash Slots.

Rival Gaming Keeps On Doing It

When it comes to online casinos and games, Rival Gaming, in many ways, is in a class of its own. They continue to make their bread and butter on visually, breathtaking games that are complex in more ways than one. Getting the absolute most out of the flash engine, Rival Gaming is able to produce another gem of a slot game that can be easily streamed online on the web browser, or you can elect to download it to your personal computer or the mobile device of your choice. Rival Gaming also has a way of incorporating high profile bonus rounds and free spins, as is the case with Wheel Of Cash Slots.

Getting Some Demo Rounds In

There is no pressure to lay down a real bet when it comes to Wheel Of Cash Slots. All of the game’s functionality and operations are there for you to discover the wonders and the joys of Wheel Of Cash Slots. The only thing you won’t be able to do is win real money.

A Very Nice Theme Indeed

So what exactly is the theme to Wheel Of Cash Slots? You guessed it, the game show is the main center of attraction here in Wheel Of Cash Slots. Everything that you would expect in a traditional game show, is in full display in Wheel Of Cash Slots. You can expect fabulous, luxury items for icons, as well as a game show type of themes and fonts.

It’s All In The Design

Rival Gaming has gone completely all out to give you the ultimate game show experience when it comes to Wheel Of Cash Slots. All of the features, fonts, and icons are in the image and likeness of a traditional game show, circa 1980’s. The choice is yours whether or not you place your own bets or set them up through auto play mode so you can sit back and take in all of the wonderful aspects of Wheel Of Cash Slots. There are also pay line arrows, and coin size buttons, plus a pay table button to go along with an options button.

A Special Type Of Slot

Wheel Of Cash Slots features both a bonus round and a free spins round. So far, there is no progressive jackpot, but you do stand to win a lot of interesting winning multipliers with the scatter symbols.

It’s All In The Pay lines

Wheel Of Cash Slots features 20 pay lines packed with all the intrigue and splendor of a high stakes game show. You can easily adjust the number of pay lines through the usage of the pay line arrows so you can get it right on each and every spin. Get The Bet Right

And just like you can adjust the number of pay lines, you can easily adjust the coin size through the usage of the coin size buttons. The starting bet begins at a penny, and the denominations go up in increments of a nickel. The max per spin is fifty dollars.

It’s All In The Pay Table

Whenever you need to go over the game icons, all you have to do is press the pay table button and away you go. The key icons to look out for are the scatter curtain icons. This symbol is the key to launching you into the free spins round. Other notable symbols are the Wheel Of Cash icon which is instrumental in putting you into the bonus round and the golden win icon which is the wild in the game. The wild will double your winning combinations, while the scatters and the bonus icons will add nicely to your winning multipliers. Another note on the wild is that it is the highest paying symbol, shelling out 5,000 credits for getting five of them on the pay line.

The Bonus Round

To get into the bonus round, you will need at least three of the bonus round symbols. Once this lands, you are then brought to a new screen where you give the mighty wheel a spin. You get three cracks at spinning the wheel, but take heed, for if you land the bust icon, you will lose everything.

Don’t Forget About The Free Spins

To get into the free spins round, you will to get at least three of the scatter symbols to land on the pay line. Once in the free spins round, you will play with five free spins. The winning multiplier is a variable one as well.

The Return To Player Is Quite Nice

It is apart of the gaming experience. Losing. To help soften the blows off your loses, the return to players will eventually work in your favor, the more you wager.

What Is The Rating?

There is no official rating involved with Wheel Of Cash Slots. It is a clean cut game, with no blood or gore, nor any mature content. It plays out like a traditional, game show.

Become The Next Big Winner

Rival Gaming has a way of producing blockbuster winners from their blockbuster games. Depending on the online casino that you are playing Wheel Of Cash Slots at, you just might find your name in big bright lights on the casino’s homepage.

Just Playing

Again, there is no pressure to lay down an actual bet. By all means, play some practice rounds to get the feel of the game. It is quite possible to use some third party promotions that might come along, such as no deposits and free spins. Both of these promotions makes it possible to play the game without wagering a single cent, but you can win real money while doing so.

Laying Down Real Money

When you are ready to make a real wager, there are many ways for you to make a deposit at the online casino that is hosting Wheel Of Cash Slots. The usual ways are credit cards, Neteller, Skril, and in some cases, Bitcoin. Don’t worry, there are many ways for you to get into the game.

Playing On The Go

Wheel Of Cash Slots is a beast of a slot game, that is optimized to play on both the desktop and the mobile platform. All of the functions of the desktop version is all there on the mobile platform. All you have to do is login on the phone, tablet or laptop, and pickup right where you left off.