Midas Touch Slots

Midas Touch is a cute game with the titular King Midas, as the main protagonist. With 3-reels where to place your bets, all that glitters can really be gold. Midas Touch's magic stems from the fact that the game is uncluttered with Bonus features or over the top themes along with intrusions into the casino game play. The main gameplay and pay table offers more than enough thrills to warrant nothing more. Midas Touch keeps the game flow similar to a traditional slot at the casino; this is the Magic of Midas Touch. Taste the luxury, try out Midas Touch.

Theme and Game design

The idea of turning whatever we touch to gold is one that has played a crucial role in many games. Quite a long while has passed since such an online slot used this theme, and yet here is the Midas Touch video slot, giving us something exciting and entertaining to engage with. This is not a themed slot really, but a classic fruit machine slot is given a fancy paint job and been created with software by Rival Gaming. Given that this is one of their latest releases with few game features of note. There is a pay table that has decent if not high payouts. Given that fact, you will still enjoy what is on offer here, with this low to medium volatility slot title. With gold everywhere, surrounding the reels, on the screen, on the symbols, Midas Touch does live up to its name. The elegant banquet in the background has turned to gold too, but that doesn't bother us. The fruits on the reels are more than enough to provide winning chances and golden opportunities of their own. With a potential jackpot worth $10,000, there is a lot to aim for, and the chances of winning increase with each bet you make, mainly if you are betting maximum amounts. The theme is beautiful, yet unobtrusive, and gives the game its glittering appeal. Midas Touch is a 3-reel slot like they used to make them, but with a modern touch, a magic touch, a Midas Touch!

Slot game type, Pay Lines and Paytable

Midas Touch is a 3-reel slot; the gameplay is straightforward and easy to comprehend. There are just three rows, and only three pay lines stretched across the reels. Betting requires all three pay lines to be activated to enable gameplay. Coin values start from $0.03, and move up to a more respectable $5, while actual bet sizes commence at $0.03, betting the absolute minimum, to a high max limit of $15 per spin. The low coin sizes will be sure to attract players with a smallish bankroll. It is possible to play for hours with very little money, and who knows, you might even win playing with a small budget. Everyone is in with a chance, although betting maximum coins and limits attracts higher payouts, and has better probabilities. In any case, betting only one coin gets 500x your bet in a jackpot win, betting top coins get 1,000x the stake, so it is worth going for it. A higher payout awaits those who wager on all three, as the win is 2,000x your bet.

Paytable, Symbols and Payouts

It is advisable to bet on all 3 pay lines, as you get a chance of entering the jackpot. It is far better to bet with smaller coin sizes but on all 3 of the reels. If you think about it, the odds are in your favour anyway, as you are betting 3x, and receiving 2,000x, you are mostly getting a 4x return by betting 3x. The Wild is the Midas Touch symbol, which has the unique power to substitute any other symbols on your spinning reels to form winning combinations and payouts. The feature adds much excitement to the gameplay as it drastically increases the winning chances. The other game Symbols are a combination of different fruit such as Lemons, Apples, Oranges, Cherries (of course), Pears, Grapes, Melons and Plums. They provide a very welcome change from the usual theme games on the market, and the game is, in fact, a breath of fresh air. The Pear, Watermelon and Orange are the lowest paying symbols of the game. Nevertheless, they pay out 15x, 21x and 18x respectively, if you land three of them. Getting a combination of the three still nets you 3x your bet. The Wild is the Midas Touch symbol, and everything it touches does turn to gold in this game. It will replace any other symbols to create winning combinations that the highest symbol provides. Besides, if you land all three Midas Touch Wilds on the reels, you will gain the maximum game payout, which is 2,000 coins! Cherry is another classic symbol to be found, and landing three wins you 150x your bet. Three Plum symbols gain 120x the stake, the Lemon 75x, and the Grapes pay out 35x. Getting just two symbols will also pay out, in lesser amounts than getting all three.

Bonus Features

So what does the free play Midas Touch slots have, if there are no bonus offers available? It has a colourful logo symbol that will act as the Wild of the game and is also the highest paying symbol of them all. That being said, if you do not win with the full 3 coins, you can't hope ever to see that fantastic prize of 2,000 coins win when you cash-out. Seeing as how the logo is the most special icon of the entire game, it is one of the most difficult to obtain; you're more likely to see a pear grant you a win than you will this wild. When the Wild does land, it does not do anything exceptional or unusual, it pays you a standard, solid win and then it's gone. There's no drama or sense of anticipation, this is just about making some real cash while playing the game.

RTP, slot game rating and winners

Midas Touch is a Gold themed slot developed by Rival Powered. This 3-reel slot is action packed with its 3 pay lines. Bets starting from $0.03 to $45coins with a Jackpot of 6,000 coins. Midas Touch has an RTP of 94% and a Volatility level of Medium. The House edge of Midas Touch slots is 5.33%. Midas Touch really does turn winnings to gold. Coin sizes are pretty varied, starting at $0.01 and moving up in various denominations up to $5 per coin. With a Jackpot included there is sure to be more fun and action. In fact, Midas Touch has an excellent Jackpot feature which can pay out as much as $100,000 made up of 2,000, $5 coins wagered.

Play for fun or real money on your iOS, Android mobile device

You have the great option of playing this slot for free, using demo play. You can try out all the features and betting system of the game and even play for fun. You can play using Instant Play on your mobile device. The game is fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, so you can play anywhere there is a reliable WiFi connection. The game loads up swiftly and provides an excellent mobile gaming experience.