Pistols & Roses Slots

Pistols & Roses Slots
Pistols & Roses is a Weapons themed slot developed by Rival Powered. The Paytable clearly shows what you can win when playing the different coins and, while playing 3 coins the first prize is almost double what it is when playing 2 coins, and nearly quadruple what you get when playing with1 coin. When you have decided how many coins, you can choose a value for those coins which range from $0.01 to $10 coins, and the benefits are then used to multiply each winning prize you win.

About the slot game and developer

Pistols and Roses provides a classic with a difference. Developed by Rival Gaming and released in 2015, you will be introduced to a unique theme that has been well planned, and offers a pleasing arrangement of colours. The background consists of wood, which has been left in black and white, but then a shock of orange is introduced with the game log at the top and game info at the bottom, which works perfectly with red bet options and spin buttons and colourful symbols on the reels. You will find the single pay-line is displayed in red over the reels that required identical symbols to appear on each of the three reels. Bonus features include wilds and rewards range up to 1,500 coins per successful combinations.

Theme and Game design

Rival Gaming has crafted an exciting game with Pistols and Roses, as the 3-reel, and 1 pay line online slot machine will provide you with great amusement with its lucrative symbols and wild and scatter payouts. Pistols & Roses might sound like the name of a rock n roll band, the game graphics and theme of the slot game entirely rock. For avid motorcycle fans or fans of rock music, this slot game will automatically appeal to your senses. The game has gritty and vibrant graphics that will keep you thoroughly entranced in the gameplay from the moment you begin until you drag yourself away from the game.

Slot game type and Paylines

Released in 2015 by Rival, Pistols and Roses is a 1-pay line slot inspired by the American Frontier retro aesthetics. Unlike a classic 3-reel slot, the game benefits from Wild Roses & Scattered Lucky '7's which throw up lots of minor wins while waiting, so fire away! If you prefer your slots to be straight shooting, with classic 3-reel themes, and just 1 pay-line; however, with something wild to bring a bit more added excitement, then Pistols & Roses certainly shoots down the opposition! The game is straightforward, featuring Colt Revolver, Barrel, and Bullets as the high-level icons and card suits as the lower value symbols. The background consists of natural wood in black and white, but a shock of orange is introduced with the game logo right at the top and info at the bottom. That works perfectly with the red bet options and the spin buttons and colourful symbols upon the reels. You will find the single pay-line is displayed in red over the reels that required identical symbols to appear on each of the three reels. Bonus features include wilds and rewards range up to 1,500 coins per successful combinations.

Betting options and Paytable

The slot has been designed with the symbol of cards such as hearts, spades and diamonds along with bullets, barrel and the pistol. The symbols follow rock and roll, or motorcycle and western theme and the game has four card suits, the red diamonds, red hearts, the black spades and the black clubs. Alongside these, there are bullets, gun barrels, a pair of pistols, a red seven image, and a wild rose. Each of the symbols are detailed with white drawings that really stand out in contrast to the rest of the screen. The background music feels like it came from the concert of the '80's legendary band Guns ‘N Roses. The red seven symbols are the scatter, while the red rose acts as the wild of the game, which is the highest paying symbol, as three of the matching wild symbols will pay you 1,500x 3 of your stake. Likewise, the scattered seven will pay you up to 360×3 of your bet-stake in this online casino slot. So load up your machine with money and hit the right combos. A 3-reel slot with 1 pay line and betting starting from $0.01 to $10.00 coins with a Jackpot of 15,000 coins. There are buttons at the base of the screen that allows you to automatically spin the reels without clicking the spin button over and over again, as well as the bet max button that will make the value of your coins $1 each, and the number of coins bet per spin is set at 3. To win, you will need to match three of the same symbol on the one pay line. The spades is the highest paying of the suits at 30 to 90 coins. Diamonds are up next at 20 to 60 coins, while clubs are worth from 15 to 45 coins. The hearts 10 to 30 coins. The wild west theme continues with the chance of lining up bullets, gun barrels and pistol symbols, with bullets worth from 40 to 120 coins, gun barrels 50 to 150 coins, and pistols 70 to 210 coins. All the above wins are for lining up 3 identical symbols, and you can also win by getting 3 of the bullets, gun barrels or pistol symbols at between 5 and 15 coins. Lining up bullets, gun barrel and pistols in that exact order wins you 10 to 30 coins. You can enjoy Scatter 7's with 3 paying 120 coins to 360 coins, though you can even earn for 1 or 2 Scatter 7 symbols. 2 anywhere on your reels will pay you 4 to 12 coins, and 1 will pay 2 to 6 coins. These minor wins will keep you going as you wait until you shoot down those big wins. Coin sizes go up from $0.01 to $2, and you can be set them by using the arrows. In the Level tab, you may set the number of coins per pay line, and by clicking on the Max Bet, you will place the maximum bet available. The Spin button is represented as the two circular arrows, and it will set the reels in motions. The Autoplay feature will turn the reels automatically for a chosen number of times without interruption.

Bonus Round and Free Spins

There are no special bonus features for Pistols & Roses, as it relies on its classic charms to win over players, much like the band Guns ‘N Roses. The game hugely benefits from Wild Roses, as the top paying symbol at 400 coins for lining up 3 of them when wagering 1 coin, 800 when staking 2 coins, and 1,500 when betting coins, all prize lines that contain 1 rose will also be paid out at the double the reasonable rate, while those containing 2 roses are paid out at quadruple the standard rate. It is a new game from video gaming juggernaut Rival Gaming Slots, and like almost all of the previous games, this slot is sure to demand respect and be fun for all.

Slot RTP, game rating and recent winners

Pistols and Roses has an RTP of 94.52%, and a Volatility level is medium to high. The House edge of Pistols and Roses is 5.48%. As this is a 1 pay line slot game, you may need to bite the bullet until that big win comes along.

Play for fun with demo play or real money

Why not try Pistols and Roses for Free, no download or registration required you can start playing on Slotsipedia.com right away. Give this slot game a free spin here, or visit any of the casinos if you wish to play for real money.

Mobile play for Android and iOS

Of course, you can experience the pleasures of Pistols and Roses on your mobile phone or tablet besides your desktop. The mobile game is adequately streamlined and correctly optimised for an unparalleled mobile experience, whether using iOS, or Android devices and operating systems. You can expect a fast loading game that has excellent graphics that stand out beautifully on a small mobile screen.