Rock On Slots

Play Rock On Slots and romanticise about the old sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll scene. This was the normal way of life in the sixties and who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by groupies, fame, fortune, and crazy parties? Everyone was drawn to that lifestyle, whether it was because of the fame, the money, the music, the drugs, or the women. It was a lifestyle that has become synonymous with the heydays of rock n’ roll. There's nothing like getting-down to some of the music of the world’s biggest rock stars, and you can Rock On with everyone from Elvis to Jimmy Hendrix in this game. There are loud speakers to blast out the music, and spotlights just waiting to shine on the rocks stars hidden amongst the 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. Here you'll also find Paul Stanley from Kiss, George Harrison from the Beatles, and Poison's own Brett Michaels, whilst the fantastic progressive and interactive Bonus Round will let you play your way through a set-list of some of these artists' best songs and win loads of prizes whilst doing so.

You don’t need to actually be a music superstar to experience the rock star lifestyle. Rock On Slots is a game that leaves you feeling like a millionaire rock God even if you aren’t one. Rock On Slots is a game that definitely looks like it deserves to headline on the main stage, but how well does it really hold up? Will this game rock your socks off? You'll certainly want to play this game as it’s a whole lot of fun. Each stage of the Bonus Round is triggered by the appearance of 3 or more Elvis icons, and you'll then be presented with a fret board and a guitar pick with which to pluck those strings. Notes will then start falling down the strings and you'll have to play them as tunefully as you can to win as big a prize as possible. Each time the Bonus Round is triggered you will be given a different song to play. Once you've played this great slot, you'll probably never stop banging-on about the Encore Free Spins Bonus either as these are triggered by the appearance of Drum-kits.

Rock On Slots is a 25-payline slot machine with a progressive jackpot. There are many of the biggest names in rock music featured in the game, including Ozzy Osbourne, Ray Charles, and Janis Joplin. Guitar picks may hold the key to the Bonus Round, but you shouldn't be too picky when it comes to winning any of the prizes. Simply line-up 3 to 5 matching icons of any of the rock stars to win a prize, and these include up to 750 coins for George Harrison, up to 300 coins for Jimmy Hendrix, and up to 200 Coins for Paul Stanley, whilst even 74 coins for Brett Michaels will taste much better than poison.

The wild symbol is reserved for The King himself Elvis Presley. The bonus symbol is John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix makes an appearance as the scatter symbol. Many casinos have a free version of the game, as well as a paid version at hand too. Design wise, you would be hard pressed to find an online slots release that is as perfectly potent as Rock On Slots.

Before you start spinning the reels to the sound of rock, you need to make your bet. You can click on the “Wheel” button to open up the betting options. Use “Coins Per Line” to change how many coins you’ll bet per line, “Lines” to change how many pay lines you’ve activated, and “Coin Value” to change how much each coin is worth, between 0.01 and 0.2. If you want to just bet the maximum amount and start spinning click “Max”. Or, just click “Spin” when you’re good to go.

All these prizes can also benefit from the appearance of Wild Green Guitars which will play a solo on a reel by expanding to cover all 3 positions. From here they could prove music to your ears by substituting for other symbols to either make winning combos, or make increase the size of winning combos. There's also another guitar to watch out for in the shape of the top-paying symbols which is the red guitar. You can win prizes for spinning-in 2 to 5 red guitars, with 5 paying a rocking 4,000 coins. And you can watch all these rock icons in this slot for much cheaper than you could in concert. Just choose to play 1 to 20 lines on each spin, then place line-bets combining 1 to 10 coins and coin-values of between 0.01 and 1 so choose your low or high stakes. Have a great time playing Rock On Slots and reminiscing about times gone by to the music of the pop icons!