Snow Wonder Slots

The wonder of snow. Everybody loves snow and in Snow Wonder Slots you can enjoy views that are accentuated by snow covered fir trees and mountains, whilst a smiling snowman sits grinning from the right of the reels. He's been nicely made by the local kids too, with coal for his eyes and mouth, a carrot for his nose, and he's wearing a black top-hat and a red scarf. You'll also find the spin-button incorporated into his tummy. This is a likeable slot that will bring you the spirit of Christmas. It is a classic slot with familiar symbols and extremely cute theme and enjoyable music. If you like good old slots with simple structure and design, this is definitely the slot for you!

This is a 3 reel, 1 pay line classic slot where you have loads of chances to line up 3 matching icons to win loads of snow themed prizes! Those themed symbols include Pine Cones, Bells and Holly, and there's also everyone's favourite Lucky 7's and Bars to bolster that bank balance even more. There are 13 different wining combinations to spin-in, and hopefully you'll soon be engulfed in an avalanche of prizes, and the size of them will depend on how many coins you play. You can play 1 to 3 coins on any spin, and most prizes are paid proportionately. Play 3 coins though, and the top prize has an added bonus of 250 coins.

Prize icons you'll be looking to spin-in include pinecones, which pay 1 to 3 coins for just 1, or 3 to 9 coins for two. Find 3 pine cones though and you'll be winning 150 coins to 450 coins.

There's 3 different kinds of bars to find, and these are single, double and triple bars, which respectively pay 5 to 15 coins, 10 to 30 coins, and 14 to 45 coins, and you can even win 2 to 6 coins for lining-up any mixed combination of bars. You can also look forward to a tricolour of lucky 7's with red ones, green ones and white ones to find. Green 7's pay 20 to 60 coins, red ones pay 30 to 90 coins, and white ones pay 75 coin to 225 coins. There are not many symbols in this free classic slot and all of them are typical of these kinds of slots. You will see different Bars, Sevens, bells, etc., which will pay you up to 2,500 coins in one spin. The exact amount of money you can win depends on the number and kind of symbol you manage to fall on. These two make up the winning combination.

You will feel festive when you spin-in either the bells or the holly icons. Bells will help you ring in those wins with wins of 100 coins to 300 coins, however you'll be wishing for holly all the way with wins of between 750 coins – and a top prize of 2,500 coins. All prizes can also be boosted by the coin-values you choose to play on any spin, and these range from 0.01 up to 10 – allowing a minimum be of just 0.01 coins a spin, and a maximum bet of 30 coins a spin.

Snow Wonder Slots does not have any wilds or bonus rounds so it will appeal massively to slot players who love a classic playing slot that is more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessors. So jump into the season of winter and anticipate the feeling of Christmas when you play Snow Wonder Slots. Why not start playing this game today?