Bitcoin Wager

Whether you use Bitcoin at a casino yet or not, you cannot deny this deposit method is becoming more popular with each day that passes. The confidential nature of bitcoin means it is ideal for using at online casinos. It is also very secure, offering very few - if any - problems when compared to using some other banking methods.

Online betting is one of the most popular ways to use bitcoin, so it makes sense that lots of people are making Bitcoin wagers every day. One source discovered that over three bitcoins are being wagered in the online gaming world every single minute. Will you join in the fun, and if you do, do you know how to?

Depositing first

Before you can bet, you'll need to make a deposit, just like you would with any other banking method. All you need to do is to have a bitcoin wallet with bitcoins in it, and to choose Bitcoin as your chosen banking method once you log into (or sign up with) an online casino that accepts the cryptocurrency.

Making a Bitcoin wager

This is a lot easier than you'd think. In fact, you might find there is very little difference compared to betting with real cash. Many online games allow you to bet with coins, with each coin worth an amount of currency. Your coins will be worth a certain amount of bitcoin when you deposit via this method.

Get used to seeing BTC and mBTC at casinos, since you'll see them often. BTC means Bitcoin, while mBTC means millibitcoin, or a 1000th of a bitcoin, if you prefer. It could alternatively be shown as 0.001BTC. You will probably see the welcome offer presented in this way if you decide to deposit in Bitcoin.

In truth, once your account is funded, you'll find it easy to get on with playing your games. Many slots, for example, award prizes based on multiplying whatever your bet was to start with. You could win 2x your bet, 50x your bet, or more, for example. When you win, your winnings will be put in your casino account. You can then withdraw via bitcoin if you want to, whenever you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

One final point - check the rules and instructions at each casino to make sure you understand how to deposit, withdraw, and wager with Bitcoin. It does make life easier.

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