Best Online Slots with Bonus Rounds

Depending on the people you ask, you could get some different answers to that question. For instance, if you asked someone who loves three-reel classic slots, they likely wouldn't say the best slots had bonus rounds to play. However, if you asked someone who regularly enjoyed playing Betsoft slots, you would probably get a different answer. They might say bonus features are the best bits, something they would usually play for and hope to trigger.

However, we suspect the classic three-reel slots have a target audience that isn't as big as the audience for five-reel slot games with multiple features to look for. Of course, those are extremes - there are many games that sit in the middle of those.

What is a bonus round?

This is part of a slot game that is separate from the base game, i.e. the main game you begin to play once the slot has loaded and you are ready to begin. Some games (and indeed some reviews) might include free spins as a bonus, but typically, those would be referred to separately.

Bonus rounds can consist of many different things. Some games might include more than one round. Here are some examples:

  • A second screen bonus feature linked to the theme, i.e. a head to head battle between pirates in a pirate-themed slot or a hunt for clues in a mystery-themed slot
  • A picking feature, whereby you must choose one or more items to receive a prize for each
  • A skill-based game - rare, but some slots do include them, and we may see more such features in future
  • A multi-level bonus, whereby you start on a basic level and see how far you can progress before receiving your prizes

Do the best slots have more than one bonus round involved?

We think so, but then we love bonus slots. If you are curious to try some, it is a good idea to select a few online slots that have one or more bonus rounds and can be played in demo format. This means you can play for ages without spending a dime. Of course, no real prizes will be available, but it does mean you can see how things work.

In some cases, you can pay to trigger the bonus. The payment is adjusted according to your wager, but we would not recommend these slots. This is because there is no guarantee you would receive more in prizes from the bonus than you paid to play it.

Try a few bonus slots to see what you think

You'll soon know whether you believe the best online slots have bonus rounds. Even if you're not that keen, you may still enjoy playing the occasional game to switch things up a bit.