Poker Coming to Ignition Casino

The latest news regarding online gambling tell us that Bovada will be closing down their poker providing services after the 30th of September. The one who will be taking charge of Bovada’s Poker is Ignition Casino, which will be a tremendous addition to their assets. The two companies have done their best to carry out this exchange in the smoothest way possible and they have done so: these two massive gambling entertainers have a lot of common ground and they can easily handle a change of such a magnitude. Ignition Casino will be soon providing numerous comforts to its future and present members through services such as zone poker and anonymous poker tables. The fact that both websites will be supporting shared pools for players up until the moment of the conversion of the poker services speaks for the great co-operation between the two fan-favourite places.

Result for Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a relatively new place for fans of online gambling but it does offer a huge number of different types of games and it has been only logical for it to start providing some solid poker entertainment. That being said, the website is still growing and it seems to be making all the right steps throughout its ongoing process of development, this being one of them. It is a place that is proud to have an extremely easy and comfortable way of signing up, joining their community and experience all the games they have to offer. Ignition Casino will continue its tradition with its 100 percent match bonus, which can go as high as 1100 dollars for new comers in both the Casino and Poker. There will be tournaments, various poker features-all the comforts that Bovada Poker used to provide and will be providing up until the 30th of September.

Result for Bovada

This change will obviously have some impact on Bovada players (the poker players). They will have to move to Ignition Casino, which from September 30th onwards will provide virtually the same services as Bovada is providing now. As for Bovada itself, it will continue to spread its reputation as a reliable and entertaining gambling website minus the poker of course. It will still provide an online casino, a racebook, a sportsbook and many other features. Basically, nothing will change, except that Bovada’s poker players will now play on Ignition Casino and obviously both sides guarantee that the transition will be as easy and unproblematic for the players as it has been for the websites themselves.

Enjoy Poker at Both Places

Not game-changing news really, just one, which is highly important to be aware of. Poker playing will continue for fans of gambling as long as they remember the date and the place to which they have to move.