500 First Deposit Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to new players. However, few of them provide 500 first deposit bonuses. You can find out why a 500 casino bonus is so special below along with how to earn one.

What Is a 500 First Deposit Bonus?

A 500 bonus typically refers to an offer with a 500% match. In other words, the casino will match your first deposit by 500%. If you deposit $20 under one of these deals, for example, then you'll be playing for $100.

The "500" can also refer to a deposit bonus that's worth up to $500. For instance, a gaming site may feature a 100% match bonus worth up to $500. For the most part, though, these deals revolve around 500% matches rather than a cash value.

Why Are 500 First Deposit Bonuses So Special?

As mentioned before, most gaming sites don't offer 500% match deposit bonuses. They provide 50%, 100%, or 200% match bonuses.

A 500% match deal is quite special in this regard. Even if you only deposit a small amount, such as $30, you'll be looking at a large amount of bonus funds. You then use these funds to generate winnings, which can be withdrawn after meeting terms and conditions.

Can You Get a 500 Free Spins Bonus?

Online casinos don't typically give out 500 free spins. Instead, they may offer anywhere from 20 to 200 free spins as a bonus.

Occasionally, though, a mobile casino will offer 500 spins as a bonus. In this case, you'll have numerous chances to play real-money slots at gaming sites.

What's the Catch to these Casino Bonuses?

No online casino gives out bonuses without attaching some strings. Every site wants you to meet terms and conditions before withdrawing any of the money.

Wagering requirements (a.k.a. rollover) are key in this regard. Lower rollover gives you a stronger shot at unlocking bonus funds.

You also need to avoid going over the maximum bet amount. Each online casino caps how much you can wager while pursuing an active bonus.

Other terms and conditions will be required as well. That said, you want to thoroughly read through the T & C's before going after a deal.

FAQs on 500 Casino Bonuses

Can I Withdraw the Entire 500 Deposit Bonus?

No, 500 first deposit bonuses are non-cashable offers. The non-cashable aspect alludes to how you can only withdraw winnings—not the actual bonus itself.

For example, you might be going for a 500% match bonus worth up to $500. If you deposit $50 and qualify for a $250 bonus, then you won't be able to withdraw the $250. Instead, you'll only be able to get winnings from these funds.

Do I Need a Bonus Code for These Deals?

Some online casinos require you to have a bonus code to qualify for a 500 deposit bonus. You can find relevant codes on this page.

Other gaming sites, in contrast, don't make you use a code. They instead only require you to follow our provided link to qualify.

What's Considered Low Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements will apply to the winnings associated with a 500 casino bonus. They generally range anywhere from 40x to 80x the bonus. Alternatively, rollover may be listed as 20x to 40x the deposit plus bonus.

In either case, you want closer to the low end of this range. Anything around 40x the bonus (or 20x bonus + deposit) is fair.

Higher wagering requirements, on the other hand, force you to bet more to earn bonus cash. You want to be leery of a deal that carries anywhere close to 80x rollover.

Is a 500 First Deposit Bonus Worthwhile?

Yes, a 500% match deal gives you lots of bonus funds for a smaller deposit. You can fund your account with just $20 and play with $100 in bonus money.

Of course, you'll need to satisfy terms and conditions before cashing out winnings from your bonus. Even with this being the case, you should go for 500 casino bonuses if you're going to play anyways.